Advanced Wallboard 1

A Visual Communication Tool

Wallboards change the way your business operates. The days of making decisions based on assumptions are over as the team gets exposed to dynamic real-time data on a daily basis. With mConnect Wallboards you get to understand the nitty-gritties of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). Endorse data-based decision making throughout the whole organisation.

Advantages of mConnect Advanced Wallboard 1

Filter Data

Filter Data

mConnect Advanced Wallboard 1 help in filtering the data that is required for the business specification.

B2B Customization

B2B Customization

New display formats can be generated to cater to the needs of the business. It also helps in the real-time monitoring of the performance of individuals/agents or a Queue or a team.

Action Stimulator

Action Stimulator

Keep an eye on the Queues, Agents, and the status of the inbound calls all grounded in a single monitor. Checkout the numbers of calls, talk time and the number of Agents available. Get to know about any agent’s availability status and manage the calls based on the data.

Consolidated View

Consolidated View

The design of Advanced Wallboard 1 is concise and simple. The data exhibited can be easily understood by the employees. The notifications are highlighted metrics and have a real-time effect on the various employees and departments. The display induces prompt action across all the fields. All your data are neatly arranged for an easy perception.

Trendy Colourful Display

Trendy Colourful Display

Go creative with mConnect Advanced Wallboard 1. Add the colours you like to the various fields. It not only breaks the monotony of being black and white but also soothes the vision. Choose colours that can stand as a mark of distinction for easy differentiation of the various events added.

Simple yet Effective

Simple yet Effective

There is no friction between the displayed data in the Advanced Wallboard 1. All the possible facts and figures are placed over in a precise design. You can get a clear picture of the various details about the Queues and Agents supported by colour distinction.

The Features and Benefits

Queue Management: Track the data of all the Queues

  • Advanced Wallboard 1 exhibits all the details about the inbound calls. Be aware of the total number of calls made, the number of calls that are in waiting, calls that were answered and the count of the calls that were abandoned. The total percentage of Answered calls and Abandoned calls also will be displayed.
  • Get to know the available agents and the agents who are busy. Facts about the Talk Time, Average Waiting Time and Average Handling Time. , consectetur adipiscing elit, incididunt ut labore et dolor Ut enim ad minim veniam.
  • Advance Wallboard 1 helps you to analyse the inbound calls and the reasons for the calls that went unattended. It helps you to reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction. By aligning the calls with the right task-force you not only help the customers with a quick reach for solutions but also are making them happy with instant responses and thereby encouraging customer retention and loyalty.
Track the data
Agents performance

Agent Details: Monitor the performance of your Agents

  • The names and numbers of the Agents who are available and the reason for not being available will be flashed out in the Advanced Wallboard 1. The calls attended, missed and the average talking time will also be clearly displayed.
  • Have a clear understanding of how each and every Agent is using the production time. Send alerts to Agents to improvise the situation if you notice a dip in the performance. Analyse and strategise plans for the overall improvement of the team or Group.

Queue Details: Accurate Queue Metrics

  • The entire information about all the Queues get exhibited in one place. The names and numbers of the total Queues, the number and percentage of Answered Calls, the number of missed calls and the average waiting time is shown exclusively. Also, get all the details about the calls waiting and the average waiting time.
  • The Advanced Wallboard 1 is a clear chart of what is happening with all the Queues and helps in real-time performance monitoring.
Accurate Queue

mConnect Advanced Wallboard 1 – the supreme solution

mConnect Advanced Wallboard 1 is an ultimate Contact/Call Center performance booster. It integrates seamlessly with all the other devices and monitors. It helps to increase the ROI of your business and enhances productivity.

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