Advanced Wallboard 2

Display Tool To Enhance Productivity

Queue management is very critical in an information-centric industry like Contact/Call Center. To identify the skilled Agents for specific departments and to assign the calls that keep pouring-in is not a simple task as it is taken to be. The complexities involved in the simultaneous management of multiple Queues gives out a desperate cry for an easy Queue management resolution.

mConnect Advanced Wallboard 2 is the obvious solution.

Why mConnect Advanced Wallboard 2?

  • Add as many Queues as possible.
  • Reset Queues in the order you prefer.
  • Apply colour codes for differentiation of Queues/Departments.
  • Systematic, frictionless, distinctively ordered Queues.
  • Concise and vibrant display.
  • Get to know the total number of Answered Calls, Lost Calls, Call Waiting, and the Longest Wait Time.
  • Get Personalised wallboard.
  • Suits any size of business.
  • Affordable, simple and dynamic.

The Positive Impacts

You can add up all the departments/queues and monitor at one single point. This enhances the art of performance-monitoring and enables systematic and fair distribution of workload to the Agents. A busy work-place is always crowded by customer calls. But there is a huge difference between a customer with a small-purse and a customer who throws in a large shopping cart. With mConnect Advanced Wallboard 2, you can prioritize your VIP customers. The immediate attention to their queries or complaints and instant resolutions help certainly to retain your valued customers.

When a queue is managed appropriately it results in reduced wait time and produces an overall better user experience.

Advantages of MConnect Advanced Wallboard 2

  • Helps in continuous monitoring of the whole queue system. You can easily estimate how busy the Queue is and why there is a stagnation if many calls are abandoned or kept in waiting for a long time.
  • It provides current updates and serves as Agent status redeeming platform. Find out why some Agents are very busy while others do not pick as many calls as expected.
  • Scrutinize the average talk-time, wait-time and take immediate actions rather than waiting till the end of the month.
  • Boost the performance of the Agents
  • Increase your ROI
  • Get the minute KPIs
  • Improve the over-all performance across all the floors of your Contact Center.

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