Advanced Wallboard 3

Enhance the Performance of your Employees

Wondering what information should be filled on your Wallboard? Stop wrecking your brain. All the data that is important for your day-to-day business can be displayed on mConnect Advanced Wallboard 3.

Advanced Wallboard 3 puts across the over-all status of the employees and Queues. The wallboard displays the important numbers about the inbound calls and the status of the Agents. This ultimately encourages the agents to exalt their performance and enhances efficient Queue management.

Special Features of Advanced Wallboard 3

  • Add Queue

    Add Queue

    Add any number of Queues as per the requirement of your business.

  • Reset Queue

    Reset Queue

    Reset the preset Queues according to the convenience of your daily business operations.

  • Call Offer

    Call Offer

    Be knowledged about the total number of inbound calls.

  • Call Queue

    Call Queue

    Know the numbers and manage all the queues efficiently and appropriately.

  • Call Abandon

    Call Abandon

    The total number of abandoned calls will be displayed instantly.

  • Agent Logged in Status

    Agent Logged in Status

    Get to know the total number of Agents who are logged in and logged out of the Queues.

  • Active Agents

    Active Agents

    The exact number of the Active Agents will be displayed on the screen.

  • Idle Agents

    Idle Agents

    Figure-out the total number of Idle Agents.

  • Wrap-up Agents

    Wrap-up Agents

    See the total number of Wrap-up agents immediately on the wallboard.

  • Not Ready Agents

    Not Ready Agents

    Be aware of the total number of Not Ready Agents.

Reasons that you cannot ignore in choosing Advanced Wallboard 3:

  • Skill-based routing.
  • Easy to see in any type or size of monitor.
  • Colourful robust display.
  • Cost-effective solution with uncompromised quality.
  • Smooth & clear distinction between every event.

Wondering how to optimize the over-all performance of your employees?

  • mConnect Wallboard 3 can be connected to any type of large screen. This enables the employees to see the performance rate from any point. The display of numbers helps the managers to send motivational alerts to the agents for a better performance. And this also induces a boosted performance from the Agent’s end.
Over-All Performance

Are you sure that your Agents are putting in their maximum potential?

  • The Agent has to be logged-in into the Queue to attend the calls routed to the department. If he logs out, he should provide a reason for logging out and calls will not be sent to him until he logs in back. mConnect Advanced Wallboard 3 readily shows the status of the Agent. This helps the mangers to understand how many agents are available in each queue and easily route calls according to the availability of the Agents.

Is your Agent’s wrap-up time eating up his production time?

  • While most of the agents use their wrap-up time correctly and efficiently there may be cases where an agent will be taking too much to close a post call work. The post call processing takes a long time if it is done manually but that should not be the loop-hole through which an agent gets away from his production output. You can keep a close watch on every Agent’s wrap-up time with the help of mConnect Advanced Wallboard 3.
Production Time
Idle Agent status

Figure out why your Agent is getting clogged for too-long showing Idle Agent status:

  • mConnect Advanced Wallboard 3 helps you to check whether your Agent is logged into the ACD and is not engaged with a customer call. Schedule your Agent’s work appropriately and manage it in a way that he is not left idle and unready to pick up a call for too long a time. Keep your agents always connected with customer.

What is keeping-out your Agent’s production time?

  • Find out how many agents are in Not Ready status and plunge into action immediately. Get the Agents motivated. Conduct training sessions and urge them to perform better.
production time
Agents performance

Monitor the performance of your Agents consistently

  • Get to know the number of active Agents. Be sure that the workload is distributed fairly. Mounting pressure on a particular performer may result in stress and it may reflect on the production process. So, keep watch of the active agents and streamline calls to ensure an equal distribution of work.

Competent Queue Management:

Call queues are vital and it goes without saying that the Queues should be managed effectively to run a profitable business. Every call is an opportunity for a sale and when managed correctly it increases the profit margin. With mConnect Advanced Wallboard 3, you can take a frequent look into the Call Offer and direct the calls to the rightly talented Agents. This feature also helps to know about the total number of calls abandoned. It makes it easy for the manager to analyse the cause of abandoned calls which in turn aids in providing tips for a better performance. All this tied up together definitely reflects positively on the user experience, customer retention, and the increased return of income of your business.

Advanced Wallboard 3 is an ultimate solution to optimize employee’s performance. Talk to us now.


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