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Queue-specific Advanced Wallboard 4 – Your First & Final Choice

When you are in a business that involves customer experience, all your efforts should be focused to bring about a pleasant customer engagement. If you need to expand the margin of your profit, the employees should also be aware of the facts of their performance in proportion to the workload. mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4 relevantly helps you to display all the minute metrics involved. The crystal-clear display not only boosts the performance of your employees and helps to increase sales but also aids in maintaining a healthy competitive environment across the work platform of your organisation.

mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4 is loaded with advanced features and the technology involved are innovative to the extent that we are sure that you will not find such beaming features from any other sources.

6 Exceptional Reasons to go for Advanced Wallboard 4:

  • Robust and out-of-the-box Gauge Meter to gauge Answered Calls.
  • Vibrant Dynamic Graph of Queues for a graphical representation and easy interpretation.
  • Break free from black and white displays. Get going with the colours you wish to distinguish the Queue columns.
  • Displays that can be integrated with any size of screens.
  • Build your own personalised Wallboards. Pay only for the features that you need.
  • Advanced Wallboard 4 is a dynamic solution that does not break your bank.

Gauge Meter – We deliver the next generation solution

  • This is a ground-breaking feature that you get along with Advanced Wallboard 4. The Gauge Meter keeps moving ahead when the inbound calls flow in. As the calls get answered by the Agents, the Gauge Meter moves back to the normal position. This cutting-edge technology encourages competitive spirit among the employees and inspires them to be more productive.
Gauge Meter
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Dynamic Graph – An innovative graphical representation of customer engagement:

  • Advanced Wallboard 4 comes with the novel feature, the dynamic graph. This graph represents the expanse of the total number of calls answered in various queues. This makes it very easy and simple for the manager to know the KPIs. Your manager can easily identify the Queues that are not moving and send immediate alerts to the appropriate Agents. It also helps in routing calls according to the skill-set. Graphical representation shows the minute differences and comparisons and so strategies to improvise the Queue management process can be edged.

Focus on Queue management with mConnect’s Advanced Wallboard 4

  • Add Queue

    Add Queue

    Add multiple queues to your wallboard. Get a consistent view of what is happening with various Queues.

  • Reset


    Reset the dynamical Queues according to the requirement.

  • Waiting


    See the count of total number of calls that are in waiting.

  • Incall


    Get to know the total number of calls that are landing in.

  • Answered


    The count of the total number of answered calls will be displayed.

  • Abandoned


    Watch the total number of calls that went abandoned.

  • Call Queue

    Call Queue

    The number of total Queues will be presented.

  • Idle


    The total number of Agents who are idle will be exhibited.

  • Busy


    The number of Agents who are busy with calls will be shown.

  • Login


    Get to know the login status of all your Agents. This column will display the total number of Agents who are logged in the Queue.

  • Not Ready

    Not Ready

    The total number of Agents who are in Not Ready Status will be put on the display.

How mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4 enhances Queue metrics management and improves over-all production:

  • mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4 enhances optimization of employee management. Take all the Queues to a single point where all the details about all the Queues will be flashed in the same screen. Also reset the Queues according to the business operation requirement. This encourages equal distribution of the workload.
  • The Advanced Wallboard 4 allows you to easily identify the Agents who are Idle and the Agents who are Not Ready. This again makes it easy to analyse why the Agents are not in production. Also, sending motivational alerts, offering training courses, conducting coaching sessions all becomes possible. Actions can be taken immediately to save further delay in production.
  • mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4 helps you to monitor the Agents who are busy. Busy Agents boost the occupancy ratio and elevate schedule adherence. By attending the inbound calls as they flow in, the Agents facilitate FCR (First Call Resolution). This altogether increases customer satisfaction.
  • Call forecasting, enabling Agent call-backs and reducing Agent attrition is all possible with mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4. It also helps in lowering the average time spent by the caller in a Queue by reducing the waiting time.
  • Get to know the status of your Agents. Be aware of the Agents who are logged in the Queue and the Agents who are logged out of the Queue and the reasons for being logged out.
  • mConnect Advanced Wallboard flashes the numbers of the calls that flow in, calls that are Answered and calls that are Abandoned. The manager gets to know why the Queue is kept crowded and can identify the Agents who are not busy and can route the calls to them. Strategies can be formed as to why the calls go abandoned and abandonment can be reduced to a great extent.

Change the way your Call/Contact center operates. Elevate your business from outdated technologies. Take advantage of mConnect Advanced Wallboard 4.


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