Agent Management- The Apt Call Center tool

Agents are the backbone of any Contact Center. They handle all types of customer requirements like inbound and outbound phone calls, sending and receiving sms text messages, live chats, support tickets, social media interactions and many other activities. The nature of the work may vary from simple tasks such as purchase enquiries to resolving complex complaints. They also handle a huge volume of exasperating enquiries.

MConnect provides you an avant-garde solution to manage the Agents. Securing the information about Agents is now made simple.

Billing Solutions

Retrieve Agents from 3CX

  • mConnect Agent management solution enables you to retrieve Agents from 3CX effortlessly. All you need to do is just click and select the Agents who you want to retrieve and its done. As simple as it is. The agents will automatically get added on the Agents list of display.

Add Agents

  • You can add single or multiple agents using the mConnect Agent management solution. You can also edit, update and delete Agent information.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Store Agent information

  • Single or multiple agent’s detailed information can be stored for future use. Information like name of the agent, phone number, user name, user password, email Id, SIP user name, SIP password, extension and authentication number, and such information can be saved.

Assign Permissions

  • Permissions for various access such as social media, lead, external ticket, etc., can be granted here by the Amin. This will enable the Agent to perform his service according to the assignment and the accesses granted.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Grant access to view reports

  • mConnect Agent management solution is loaded with many innovative features. This product enables the Admin to grant access to specific Agents to view particular reports. That is, the Agents will be able to view only the reports that they are given access to.

Send Welcome Mail

  • Greet your agent warmly. Send a welcome mail to the Agent. You can send the Login details like username and password for the Agent to log in.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Get to know the Agent Status

  • The Agent has to be logged into the Queue to answer the calls and if he has to log out of the Queue, he has to provide a reason such as meeting/break/training, etc., You can see the status of the Agent- whether he has logged in or not.

Easy navigation

  • You can add as many agents as you want and can easily navigate to reach any Agent.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Quick Search

  • You need not go through the huge list of all the Agents to find out a particular Agent. It is also a tedious task in such a busy place as a Contact Center. mConnect Agent management solution comes with a quick search option. So, you can do a quick search to spot out a specific Agent using the extension number.
  • mConnect Agent Management product helps to enhance agent management process. Managing your agents efficiently is directly proportional to optimizing your business.

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