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Contact Centers primarily thrive on the performance of the Agents. Agents spend most of their time either answering the inbound calls or making outbound calls. It is very important to manage the Agent’s off-phone time. Managers should be aware why the Agents are not available to pick the calls in the Queue and if they are involved in ACW (After Call Work) precisely what sort of activity the Agent is involved with. The Agents along with answering calls have to do other related work like filling in wrap-up codes, completing call log, recording customer history, aux code work, etc.,

When saying this, it also becomes of importance that how long an Agent takes for such proactive production activities. Definitely a considerable slice of Agent’s time will be taken for this but smart solutions like mConnect Aux codes make the process easier and simpler so that the Agent completes his aux codes effectually and within less time.

Aux time in a Contact Center

Lead Generation

Paid productive time

projects, emails, manual processes, etc.,

Lead Generation

Paid unproductive time

meetings, training, coaching, etc.,


Unpaid time

tea-breaks, lunch breaks, etc.,

mConnect’s Active Aux Code Management Solution:

  • mConnect offers simple and effective aux codes. We provide crystal clear aux codes that are accurate. In a busy place like Contact Centers, where the Agents are involved in multitasking there are chances that the Agent may not choose the correct aux codes. mConnect presents simple and event-connected aux codes which makes it easy for the Agents to choose from. Our aux codes help Agents to choose the perfect aux codes especially when there are target metrics.
  • The Aux codes are so precise that the data does not get distorted. This helps the managers to track what the Agents were doing when they were not ready to attend the calls. It is a perfect measure to track non-contact related activities of the Agents.
  • You can add as many aux codes as possible. Frame aux codes to suit your Contact Center requirements. You can also edit the aux codes as and when required and update it. If the aux codes that you add are ambiguous and are confusing to the Agents, you can delete them at anytime.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Avoid Aux Code Abuse with mConnect Aux codes:

  • Do not allow your agents to manipulate aux codes. Agents may indulge in aux jumping or aux toggling purposely to avoid taking calls and to be at the bottom of the Queue. A systematic monitoring and simple choice of aux codes will prevent the agent from such non-productive activities.

MConnect Aux codes for real-time monitoring:

  • Indulge in real-time monitoring of the agent’s performance. Get to know what the Agent’s are doing and how they are spending the time when not attending the phone calls.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Implement Improvement Strategies:

  • A contact center is a stressful environment where the Agents tend to purposely remove themselves from the Queues when they are overwhelmed. In order to align the Agent back into the right process, the managers may require to train, motivate or coach the agents. For this, the manager should be aware of the Agent’s intention in choosing the aux code. Choosing mConnect aux codes will help immensely in such monitoring as the aux codes are simple, accurate and direct.
  • Get to know more about mConnect’s cost-effective Aux Codes. Call us!


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