One-to-One Online Customer Contact Method

mConnect offers live web chat solutions with numerous amazing features. It allows opportunity to create a new communication directly with the customer in realtime. It facilitates you to answer a customer’s enquiry as and when he asks and as he browses your website. According to recent statistics it is found that 73% of consumers prefer live chat. You can use your brand voice to share information through texts.

chat box

How does CHAT work?

This digital contact method can be set in the corner of your website. When the customer visits your website, it pops-up as an overlay of the website page allowing the customer to type a chat message directly. If the customer does not start a chat after opening the widget, the widget will automatically close. You can also set a specific time to close the Widget.

What is the Use of Chat System?

Answer Brand, Product or Service-related Enquiries

  • Such enquiries are valuable leads which can be converted into quality business opportunity. Talk freely but precisely and politely about your products, services and solutions. Tell them about all you offer, about the discounts or any such advantages of buying your products. Talk also about post-purchase support that is leant by your organisation.
Answer Brand
Request Call

Request a Call-back

  • While concluding the customer interaction, the Agent can request a call-back option if the customer seems to be even slightly interested. You can seek the customer’s permission the and there so that the customer will mostly attend the follow-up call which may end up in a purchase order.

Increase Sales

  • When a customer starts a chat, he is actually knocking your door. Grab him in. Go for a lively and ready explanation about the details that the customer asks. Remember that he will be doing a comparative research so keep him looped with your sales team.
Increase Sales
Customer Pain Point

Resolve Customer Pain Points

  • A customer can start a conversation for various reasons. He may want some guidance while navigating through the website or throw his anger about an issue. He would have come to the chat to place an order or for clarification about the service rendered. Whatever the reason may be, this type of direct and instant communication enhances the overall output of your organisation.

Chat Ratings

  • When the Agent completes the conversation with the customer, he can request the customer to rate him for the service that he provided. If the customer agrees to rate him, then the Agent can put the customer to an IVR prompt which will automatically prompt the customer to press the buttons that are equivalent to the ratings like “good”, “very good”, “best”, “not satisfactory”, etc., The ratings can be also customized according to the service the organisation provides.
  • This rating will be displayed in Chat Ratings. In Chat Ratings, the details such as the customer’s name, the country from which the customer visited the website, the date on which the interaction happened, the department which the customer contacted and the Chat Rating that he provided will be displayed.
  • This makes it easy for the manager to get to know about the Agent’s performance.
Chat Ratings

Chat Settings

mConnect offers Chat Settings loaded with abundant amazing features. Explore the colours, change the appearance and positions and manage the users and departments. Set time zones and notification sounds, change the behaviour of the widget and restrict it according to the specific countries. Take advantage of many other features that come bundled with our Chat solution.

The Features and Advantages

Add and Delete Widgets

  • You can add any number of widgets and they can be added in your website. Likewise, you can delete the chat widgets whenever you don’t require them.
Add and Delete

Create your own magic with Colours

  • Go vibrant and colourful. Change the colour of the widget to suit your imagination or to match the brand or the product that you offer.

Change the Appearance

  • You can select the appearance and change it whenever you like. We also offer customized appearance settings. You can change the appearance of the widget in your mobile also.
Change the Appearance
Widget Position

Set the Position

  • We recommend our customers to keep the widget positioned on the right as most of the websites do so. But you can position it wherever you want it in the website. Decide between left or right and top corners or the edge. Just click on the enable buttons and the chat widget will be automatically positioned.

Grab the Attention of your Customer

  • We have an excellent gallery fully stocked with pre-set attention grabbers. You just need to enable the gallery and click on the attention grabber and choose from the many attention grabbers already populated there. You can also upload images that you wish. We also provide custom solutions like your company logo, the brand name, or the product image. Options are available for your convenience to add more images.
Widget Preview

Desktop Widget Preview

  • This feature helps you to preview the options that you have selected for the chat widget. You can have an overall view of how your chat widget will appear on the website and decide whether any changes in the settings are to be done and then go for real time implementation of the chat widget.

Simple and Seamless Integration

  • Stop bothering about the complex procedure involved with the integration of your chat widget with your website. We provide simple and short codes for integration. You can use the ready-made codes to smoothly incorporate the chat widget into your website.
Seamless Integration
Direct Chat Link

Direct Chat Link

  • We provide a direct chat link, clicking on which you can reach the chat widget of your website. You can view the chat widget, provide the name and email id and start the conversation.

Onclick Behaviour

  • You can set the onclick behaviour of the chat widget using this feature. If you set it to pop out, the chat widget will pop out when the customer visits the website. You can also maximize the chat widget by selecting the maximize option.
Onclick Behaviour
Users and Departments

Manage your Users and Departments

  • Enable the departments that are likely to be connected to the chat window, using this feature. You can also assign users connected to the department so that they can start to chat directly.

Set the Idle Chat Time

  • Sometimes, the visitor of the website would have accidentally clicked on the chat widget or even if he had clicked on the chat widget, he would have changed his mind and would have decided not to chat. The Idle Chat Duration feature allows you to set the time to close the chat widget if the customer does not start a chat within the time duration that you had set for your website chat widget.
Idle Chat Time
Widget Settings

Widget Settings

  • Handle emails when in offline, show aviator, agent name, and the departments. Also, mange time zones for the various countries.

Consent Form

  • Add multiple consent forms to suit your business. You can also edit the consent forms and update it. If you wish to edit the content of the consent forms, you can carry out the changes as well.
Consent Form
Notification Sound

Set chat message notification sound

  • Set an alert sound for the chats. We have provided some sample sounds. Customised sounds also are offered by us.

Widget Behaviour

  • This feature helps you to change visibility settings and notification settings. Hide or show your chat widget when offline, or when it is getting loaded or on your mobile. Enable or disable notification sounds for chat or for browser tab. You can also enable and disable Chat Ratings option.
Widget Behaviour
Availability Restriction

Availability Restriction

  • Decide who can see the chat widget and in which countries. If you set restriction to show the chat widget only for certain countries that you choose, the visitors of that particular country only can see the widget. The country restriction can be enabled or disabled.


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