What is CRM?

CRM is customer relationship management software which enables an organistaion to nurture and optimize the customer relationship. It is a technology and a strategy that is implemented by a company to manage and analyse customer interactions to improve business relationship, and increase profit by winning customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Email Integration

    Email Integration

    Email integration with mConnect CRMs enables you to view all the activities in a single screen. This enhances quick response that will save the time for you and most importantly for your customer. You can also attach emails to customer records. As all the information about the customer is available along side the emails, the agent will be prepared to handle the customers. This provides an organised pattern and a neat and handy review of customer interaction related to the sales process. The consolidation of all the data reduces data redundancy, provides greater visibility and convenience while sending mails. You can also use them easily for sending marketing mails and for sales campaigns.

  • Connect with Social Networks

    Connect with Social Networks

    Integrate your business social media platform with mConnect Omnichannel to engage across various networks. This helps to align your marketing and sales efforts at one place. The information aids in running effective marketing campaigns in the social media and to make analytical decisions about product launches. You can also discover trending topics and what people think about your brand that can greatly influence the marketing decisions. With social media integration you can engage with your customer instantly with compelling content. You can even promote discussions and assign posts. It is very easy to engage with fan followers quickly. Tracking sales campaigns from multiple sources was never this much easy. Promote your brand up-to-the-minute through the digital media and connect successfully and creatively to the audience.

  • Conversations


    All the customer conversations can be automatically recorded and can be played, stored , sent and archived at any location. This enables the review of customer history greatly. Managers find it easier to assess the performance of the agents through call recording and can also set strategies. When there is an issue, the call recording becomes of high value. It can also be used to plan marketing strategies for the future.

  • Converting a Lead

    Converting a Lead

    mConnect CRMs allow you to store all the data at one place. This allows managing the leads as per the level of interest shown from the customer end. This helps in the agent’s production as he need not waste time on the spreadsheet finding leads as the data is available at the fingertips of the agent. This also aids in closing the leads faster as the agent will be focused on convincing a potential buyer instead of following a dead lead. Manual work is reduced to zero and several tasks are performed through just a few clicks. As leads are being categorised, the agent can deal it according to the priority. They also have a real-time information and visibility about their leads. CRMs also help remote workforce monitoring.


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Who uses a CRM System ?

Businesses of all types use a CRM system to improve their commercial relationship. CRM can be utilised by all types of industry for engaging meaningfully with their customers which is otherwise a great challenge. Whatever the size of the business may be you need a CRM to connect with your customers and keep a track of customer engagement. It improves the quality of customer relationship at all the stages of a sales cycle. Reengaging past patrons is a great challenge especially for a small business. CRM plays a significant role at such situations. It empowers you to do this and also creates an efficient flow. One of the core benefits of any CRM software app is to help you manage your business more effectively.


  • Managing a business is always a tough challenge. One of the essentials to run a successful business is a customer relationship management software. A business involves lots of disjointed data, separate files, various documents, a wide-range of notes, and a huge volume of messages including mails, and faxes that are to be stored at least temporarily, maintained, and used for business purpose. A CRM helps in saving and maintaining all this and more in one place. This also enables the sales, marketing and service teams to work efficiently. The use of collaboration tools like mConnect Omnichannel empowers the business greatly by saving time, and getting tasks and other elements automated. It helps in achieving more in terms of profit.
Business to Business
Business to Customers


  • It does not matter what your business caters to. What matters is the manner that you deliver. How accessible you are, how user-friendly is your product or service, how effectively you support your customer after the purchase is what that matters to retain customers. And CRM come handy in boosting the effectiveness of the tasks involved in improving the speciality of what you offer. Thanks to advanced tools like mConnect Omnichannel you will be able to achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently. This also allows you to keep track of all your customers, leads, and potential customers. Among the many benefits, it offers great scalability. As your customer list grows saving, organising, and managing the data will not be a problem at all. It helps in tracking the customer interaction. You can always have a clear overview of all the information and it will ultimately help the sales and marketing processes.

All Business Types

  • CRM is necessary to take your business to the next level. It should scale up to the expansion that you make in your business. It should provide you the ability to simplify the tasks and prioritize contacts and make the project management simpler. These huge-time savers will in turn increase production and thereby the sales. The perfect CRM platform will allow you to link departments and projects, other tasks like meetings both internal and external and other works so that you can carry on the tasks accordingly.
All Business


  • All enterprises thrive on their sales margin and obviously all the CRMs support sales. Businesses include sales calls, negotiations, lead generation and tracking of customers. All these activities require real-time updates. Prioritizing and managing the work flow depends hugely on this and CRMs offer exactly the same. Report generation is as important as lead generation. CRM allows you to break down business interactions by categorising them by the time, date, location, department and the total number of customer engagements. You can also send, receive, collect, save, and distribute various documents in one place. This also helps in the analysis and offers an insight into customer behaviour patterns. This in turn makes you prepared to respond to the customer appropriately and assists in increasing the profit.

Our CRM Services

mConnect solutions are robust and flexible. They are extremely secure and easy to implement and use. mConnect CRM solutions are scalable to any size of business whether it is small, growing or large-sized. It offers automated solutions for the entire organisation for saving you from the trouble of manually maintaining the processes. It helps greatly in avoiding the errors and reduces the time-consumption involved in manual processes and therefore increases productivity and allows your business to grow extensively. It comes with flexible pricing schemes and the solutions can be tailor-made to choose your business requisite.



Our invoice solutions are fully customisable. You can makes changes to create custom fields, can insert your company logo, make suitable changes in your custom field. mConnect invoice solution makes everything easy and automated for you. You have to simply enter the customer name, the invoice item, the quantity, the price and the place of delivery.



Purchase Maintenance

mConnect solutions allow you to maintain all the records related to the various suppliers and the wide-range of customers and contacts. You can also record all the information related to the purchase including the details of the suppliers, orders, requests, returns and more. Keep a regular check on the stock levels and create timely purchase orders.


Stock Maintenance

All businesses suffer from problems involved in managing stock and inventory. That is why you should invest in digital tools like mConnect CRM for a convenient and proficient management of inventory. It plays a crucial role in bridging the supply, maintenance and accountability. You can update it every year. mConnect offers solutions that allows you to maintain a complete record of what you have stored. You can label the items, track the expiry dates, monitor stock levels, keep priorities in check and set thresholds.



Quotation Preparation

mConnect solutions enable business-houses to calculate the cost accurately and prepare price estimates efficiently. You can view the received information, verify the items and upload documents. You can see the complete details of the quotation and can also record details like the quotation number, the validity of the quotation and the terms of payment. The solution allows you to manage all the sales opportunities, the customer data, and all the other and previous quotations. Manage all your price proposals in an organised fashion. Keep them safely stored for future reference. Create, edit and send quotations instantly and get rid of all the troubles of creating the document. Helps you to configure, price and quote deals easily. It reduces the time to quote and minimizes the tasks involved.

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User Friendly CRM

mConnect with its innovative and advanced features has been crowned by its customers as the best CRM solution.

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Help Desk

Help desk is an integral part of any organisation. It involves handling the customer right from the greeting to the resolution.


All In One

mConnect Omni-channel solutions carry features that seamlessly transmit customer data to each step of their buying and selling process.


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