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Optimise Your Business With Mconnect Wallboards

mConnect is a leading provider of enterprise-level Wallboards for your busy buzzing organisation to dramatically improve your business. We provide a wide-range of progressive wallboards which are loaded with innovative features. Our products include Wallboard, Advanced Wallboard 1, Advanced Wallboard 2, Advanced Wallboard 3, Advanced Wallboard 4 and many more. mConnect Wallboards are easily comprehensible and very effective. Any type of our wallboard can be integrated smoothly with any of your other devices such as an LCD screen or a larger display.

The simple but effective solutions are a changeover to all the incompatible traditional systems of monitoring. mConnect Wallboards are a perfect replacement to the heterogenous channel of supervision of the performance of your organisation. Our solutions are scalable to small-medium-large scale industries. The cost of our high-performing products is comparatively lower in the market and what more is that you can even decide upon an effective solution to enhance the operations of your organisation and get it tucked into your budget.

Mconnect – Where Customers Choose Their Customized Solutions

With mConnect, customer is the king. We never draw limits to our customer’s needs. mConnect team is always ready to develop customised solutions. At mConnect, the customer gets to decide what features should be there in their product to suit exactly their commercial requirements. You need not pay for the features that are never used by your organisation and you get to go with the product that is exactly simplified to match your requirements.


Wallboards play a crucial role in assessing the internal performance of any industry. Get an exclusive display of real-time data and even the minute metrics. Catch-hold of all the events that are targeted and actionable. Wallboard is a dynamic platform where all the activities of the business are consolidated in a single-screen. They serve to increase the proportion of customer satisfaction and promote transparency within your organisation. Wallboards provide the key metrics that help you to make important decisions instantly. With wallboards, checking-out the performance of the Agents as and when it is happening is made simple. Wallboards help in crystal clear communication within the organisation across all the floors of the work-force. Get Wallboards for an overview of the customer demands and the agent’s performance.

mConnect Wallboard is a must in your Contact/Call Center. Find out why?

Get a glimpse of all the metrics of your entire business at the moment you want. mConnect Wallboards offer a transparent view which provide a better understanding of the performance of the employees. It allows you to take significant resolves at the right moment rather than calculating in a white board and taking the decisions at the end of the month. With mConnect Wallboards you get to understand the nitty-gritties of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). Our Wallboards help you to motivate the workforce to perform better and achieve their targets and goals.

7 reasons to choose mConnect Wallboard for your organisation:

  • mConnect Wallboards provide a bird’s eye view of the count of all the Sms chats, WhatsApp chats and Chats in a single screen.
  • Get hold of the total number of Email Tickets.
  • Find out the number of calls answered.
  • Scrutinise as to how many calls went abandoned.
  • Catch on the total number of calls made.
  • Get to know the exact number of calls waiting.

Make metrics-driven real-time business decision:

Monitor and track all the inbound calls and issues instantly and strategise immediate solutions. Identify the appropriate skill-group and route the waiting calls to agents who are available. Find out why the inbound calls were left waiting and how many calls went abandoned. Encourage agents to pick more calls as abandoned calls are a sign of neglected business.

Encourage instant actions

Urge the employees to solve issues as they flow-in for a better customer relationship. The longer the customer has to wait the greater the frustration. Imagine what the status of customer relationship would be if your agent gets to solve an urgent issue at the end of the month. See why the tickets are getting accumulated and assign them to the appropriate skilled talent force.

Respond instantly

Your Sms, WhatsApp and Chats are an indication of enquiries, complaints or requests related to your business. The more they are left unattended, the less is the positive impact. Instead, when a customer gets instant replies, they are more eased and the immediate and direct interaction supports a longtime customer loyalty. So, encourage the employees to take care of all the types of chats flowing in immediately.


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