Dialer CTI

Dialer CTI

Computer telephony integration (CTI) allows telephone interactions and a computer to be coordinated. mConnect Omnichannel uses CTI tools to route inbound calls to the right agent. The technology which is put to high use in Contact Center. mConnect Omnichannel offers solution that enables to just click to make a call, answer calls, put the calls to hold or hang up. Generate more leads, boost your sales and increase customer retention using mConnect solution.

Record your calls

  • All the calls that flow into the Contact Center can be recorded. mConnect Omnichannel offers high quality sound recording system. These recordings can be further used for future reference. All the calls can be recorded and stored at the location that you desire with the date and time of the call.
Call Recorder
Auto Dialer

Automated Dialling

  • With mConnect Omnichannel you can enforce automated calls. Every time you make a call you need not search for numbers manually. Instead you can retrieve from 3CX and with just a click you can make the call. This is a solid blessing when it comes to the Call Center operation where calls keep gushing in and out.

React only to connected calls

  • The agent’s time is not wasted even for a moment. He has to react only to the calls that are connected to him. The customer interaction is made easy, effective and specific.
connected call
Save Time

Save Time

  • Lot of time can be saved through the automated dialling process. The Agent simply has to select the number to make a call and the manual process is completely wiped out.

Get the details of the Contacts

  • Omnichannel allows a pop-out that will carry the complete details about the Contact as soon as the calls land in. When a call comes from a new customer, the contact can be saved and the details of the Contact can be saved.

6 Glorious features that can never be ignored

  • IVR time-based routing.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Call transferring.
  • Call log.
  • Display of calls waiting in the Queue.
  • Suitable for B2B communication, especially for small-and-medium scale of operations.

mConnect Omnichannel offers CTI diallers that are simple but effective. The CTI diallers provided by mConnect are reliable and secure and does not break your bank to purchase.


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