The marketing trends have evolved drastically with the introduction of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., Businesses all over the world have started to exploit social media to promote their products and brands, and to increase sales. As the apps increase, so do the complexities of handling all the social media individually. mConnect offers simple solution to handle all your social media marketing at a single point.

The Advantages of integrating your Facebook page with Omnichannel

Create Customised Facebook Pages

  • You can create multiple Facebook Pages according to the requirement of your business. All the pages will be listed at a single point and can be managed with specific agents assigned to each and every page.
Facebook audience

Reach a wide range of audience

  • Whatever your business caters, you will find audience in Facebook. Facebook has a huge range of audience and spans across many countries. So reaching targeted audience is quite easy and you can also integrate these contacts in alignment with other social media contacts also.

Run business promotional campaigns

  • Run successful promotional campaigns not only as business to customers but also as business to business.
Promotion Campaign
Multiple engagement

Multiple engagement

  • The advertisement formats and the options to target the audience match well with any marketing strategy. You can excite your audience with images, information, videos, chats and documents.

Effective Customer support

  • Quick queries and urgent issues can be easily tackled through your Omnichannel Facebook page. This will increase the customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty.
Customer Support

Increase website traffic

  • Post interesting content on your Facebook page to increase website traffic. Provide a link in the Facebook page which will lead to your company’s website where the audience can find images, videos or full content about your product, brand or service.

The Likes and Shares

  • Use likes and shares as tools of marketing. If a page is liked once, people will keep receiving updates and this helps in multilevel marketing. When it is liked by one user, the people in their friend-list also can see them. Again you reach a wide range of audience through a single engagement.
 Likes and Shares

Cost-effective marketing

  • It is free and this is the happiest news about using Facebook for marketing. From a start up to a big business marketing is very essential and when it is available for free it becomes the best avenue.

User interaction

  • It offers excellent platform for users to share their photos and videos. This is a very helpful feature for any business to advertise their products and services. Share the images of your products, run demo videos and share more information about your products.
User interaction

Simple to use and handle

  • There is no need for technical expertise as content, images, videos can be posted easily without requiring technical expertise for customizing or personalizing it.

Easy and Effective Customer Handling

  • When you integrate your Facebook page in omnichannel, managing the customers becomes very easy. You can create as many pages as your business requires and can assign specific agents to particular pages.
  • How this will help you is that the messages will be viewed by all the agents assigned to that department and immediate action can be taken.
  • The Agents can solve the issues of a customer, can guide them to place a purchase order, request a call back or talk about related products, etc.,

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