Virtual Fax Solutions from mConnect

mConnect offers virtual fax solutions that are simple and reliable. You can send or receive faxes without investing on a fax machine. Use our free services to transmit faxes, important documents, forms and notes quickly, efficiently and elegantly without the office settings or a fax machine.

Go Green

  • Contribute your part to the environment. When you can send and receive faxes simply through a touch in Omnichannel, why should you think about having loads and loads of paper wasted on sending faxes. A small step can make huge changes. If papers are not used to send faxes it means a large part of forest is being saved by us.
Faxes Receive

Get rid of stocking Fax piles

  • mConnect offers you the digital solution to free you from the hassles of preserving the documents and faxes that you receive. No more head ache of maintaining paper files and manually searching for the one that you want from the hundreds of faxes that you receive.

Inexpensive Fax Solution

  • mConnect offers free fax solutions. You need not pay a dime. You can also receive and send faxes without having to invest on fax machines. Save your money from buying tons of papers and also the trouble of maintaining them.
Inexpensive Fax Solution
Send Faxes

Send and get Faxes at your location

  • You can send faxes and documents from wherever you are. Receive important business documents at your own location. mConnect wipes away the need to be present in a physical location, say your office, to send and receive business faxes.

Get Confirmations

  • Get the proof that you have sent the messages. As soon as you send faxes through mConnect Omnichannel you will get confirmation messages. This gives you the peace of mind that important documents have been sent and it pulls you out of the ugly situation of calling a concern for their confirmation. At a time where things have to be proved, this serves as evidence also.
Handwritten Notes

Open ended solution

  • Save all the trouble of bargaining and the complexities involved in handwritten notes. Stop running around to take fresh copies. Don’t bother to remember to take the paper piles for business meetings and client interaction. Choose mConnect Fax solutions and get what you want wherever you are.

Inscribe your identity

  • Faxes are more reliable than emails. Emails come from anywhere. But mConnect offers you DID numbers that serve as your identity. The customer will readily know that the message or documents is from you and would readily open it instead of ignoring like a discarded email.
Filter communication

Filter your communication

  • Avoid receiving unwanted messages like spam emails. Faxes are intended only for important information. mConnect offers specific DIDs and mail IDs which will serve as a show-card that the fax is from the organisation that you are expecting, and that it is carrying important message.

Send Messages successfully

  • mConnect fax solutions offers you the liberty of sending the faxes again and again even if they fail to be sent. So you can stop worrying about resending.
Send Messages successfully
Stamp your identity

Stamp your identity

  • Every organisation will be offered DID numbers and the mail IDs. This will avoid your messages being ignored as the identity of your organisation will be exhibited in the fax messages that you send.


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