Help Desk

Help Desk

Help desk is an integral part of any organisation. It involves handling the customer right from the greeting to the resolution. The customer approaches the company through various modes like text message, email, fax, web-chat and through other social media platforms. mConnect has made the job of the help desk easy by helping the organisation to gather, categorise and handle all the customer-issues at a single point. mConnect solutions add value to the professionalism of your organisation and aids in earning the customer’s trust that you will fix their problem.

Automatic Routing

  • mConnect offers automated call distributor that will route the calls to individual agents or Queues, based on the predefined criteria set for the organisation. We provide computer telephony integration system (CTI) based call-routing software that enables the agents to adjust quickly to the call-routing rules and without any external IT assistance.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Optimise Your Resources

  • The mConnect automatic call distributing solution enables the utilisation of every agent’s potential effectively. The ACD makes it sure that the calls are routed to the available agents rather than going to voice-mail or as abandoned calls. This increases production and ultimately the revenue of the organisation.

Customer Portal

  • You can customise your customer portal, set up the request types, and manage the access to your portals. This enables the customer to contact you through the portal or through the email account. You can configure the customer portal, introduce the customers to the portal, add agents to the portal and set up the users.
  • mConnect customer portal helps the customers to track the activities that are taken to resolve their issue. The customers can get to know the status of their requests, review updates instantly, and do the follow-up. Thus the portal serves as a central hub for information regarding the customer’s support request and saves the time of the agent over the repetitive queries. Thus your organisation can provide a seamless experience for your customer.
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Google Analytics

Analytics & Insights

  • The fostering of all the chats and conversations increases transparency. The manager or the admin will be able to know what actions have been taken from the agent’s end to resolve the issue. The customer can view the status of his support request. Further this serves as a analysis platform to frame future strategies. When all the issues are gathered-up at one single point it also gives an insight for a similar situation and forms the knowledge base to which the agents can link in future

Chat History

  • Since all the calls are recorded, and all the messages texted are stored and can be viewed whenever required, it is easy for the agent to review the interaction that has happened with the customer. This will help the agent to plan for the future discussion. The agent will also have the updated information about his client and the latest conversation which enables him in convincing the customer and take the interaction to the next level. The admin can easily asses the performance of the agent with the chat history. He can analyse the efforts taken by the agent to resolve the issue and if the agent has put his maximum potential and still the issue is not solved, the manager can analyse the depth of the problem, involve various others who are skilled in the issue, can transfer the the issue, or provide a helping hand for the agent, and make plans for the future.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Effective Troubleshooting

  • As mConnect allows you to collect, analyse and resolve all the issues at a single point, troubleshooting becomes very effective. All the agents can view a ticket when it lands. The admin can quickly assign it to the concerned department and a specific agent. If it is an urgent issue, the emergency department can be contacted. A complex issue can be dealt by the agents with the relevant skill-set and certain issues that involves the influence of various departments can be transferred. Likewise the agents who are no more involved in the troubleshooting process can be revoked so that they will not be crowded with messages that are not relevant to the tasks that they are assigned to.

Provide Instant Resolutions

  • Mconnect solutions offer the customers the opportunity to place a ticket and interact with the agent directly. This enables the customer to quickly approach the agent instead of waiting for a long time in the Queue.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Integrated Knowledge-base

  • Certain questions that the customers would ask are almost expected and would be asked by most of the customers. Questions like “When the licence expires?; How the connections are made?; What is the price of the product? Is there any discount?; Are there any freebies?; Does the product involve any maintenance?” are so common that almost all the customer would ask. mConnect offers many innovative features that carry such questionnaire. This will help to save the time and energy of the agent as well as the customer. Most of the customers would prefer a knowledge base if it meets their needs rather than waiting for the agent to respond through a call or a fax or an email.

MultiChannel Help-desk

  • Customer habits have changed recently, and is rapidly evolving everyday. The customers’ now-a-days take the issues directly to the social media, comment randomly and offer ratings according to their level of satisfaction. They also involve in comparing activities between the service-providers. There are also special sites emerging everyday, that come up with comparisons and reviews. An organisation needs to be conscious of all such factors and the agents should be motivated to respond to the customers’ request as quickly as possible. mConnect’s innovative solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate all the channels of communication like WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Telegram, chat, email, fax, internal chat, sms, and calls in a single platform. This enhances the responding method and monitoring the process becomes easier for the manager. The customer can reach you from his choice of channel of communication which is a great advantage and the agent can quickly respond to the customer which atleast proves to be pacifying when the issue has not been solved.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Internal Ticket

  • Issues not necessarily happen to your customers. An organisation, whether it is a start-up or a globally established chain of service will have internal issues. And internal issues are the most important one as the communication between the various employees and departments plays a significant role in taking the the decisions of the activities of the organisation forward. mConnect internal ticket solutions can help the organisation to function effectively and efficiently. When an internal issue is raised the agents can respond to it immediately and can get the task completed. This results in better communication between the work-force, improved production, and increase in the revenue.


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