Internal Chat

Your Team Bonding Tool

Most businesses would like to implement a business internal chat platform to develop an internal communication strategy for quick and real-time conversations. Instant messaging adds value when used suitably.

mConnect offers internal chat solutions with distinguishable features. All the agents are shown in the chat list and their availability status will be displayed. If the colour is in green then the agent is available and you can start a chat. If the colour is in red then the Agent is not available.

Communicate from wherever you are

  • Internal chat facility enables you to instantly chat with your team. Using this option, chatting with your employees whether they are inside your premise or in remote is possible. The internal chats will be visible only to the person who chats and the recipients of the internal chat.

Monitor and motivate employees

  • The internal chat solution helps the managers of the Departments or the organisation to share information and engage the employees. They can also use internal chat option to motivate the staff to maximize their production. An effective internal communication benefits both the organisation and the employees.

Respect co-workers’ time

  • If you require to send urgent and short messages, then internal chat is the best option. It is best used for very short messages where email, phone call or a video call is unnecessary. Through internal chat the employees can focus on their work without wasting their time in trying to reach others for short conversations, quick questions and urgent requests.
Respect Co-Workers

Avoid unnecessary chats

  • Through internal chat, you can avoid unnecessary gathering of employees and can avoid needless chats.

Share confidential information

  • You can send confidential information through internal chats where only you and the recipient will be involved and it is safe as no one else will be able to see or hear.
Share Information
Save Time

Save time with Away Messages

  • In a team or in an organisation if a team member is going to be logged out of working, he can record an away message so, that others will get to know that he is out for some reason like lunch or break and can send messages when he is around for quick response.


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