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All In One

mConnect Omni-channel solutions carry features that seamlessly transmit customer data to each step of their buying and selling process. Our solutions are robust and simple. The advanced features enable the organisations to seamlessly connect with their customers. All the communications are made to converge at a single point and is more powerful than heterogeneous communication. We provide strong solutions that are scalable to any size of business and flexible enough to suit your expanding requirements as your business grows

Enables the agents to give out the best of their production as the information is shared across the platforms of the organisation without losing the prime focus. Even when the agents work on remote they can carry the customer- conversation with them. The customers can reach through all the channels of communication that include website, mobile app, email, fax, webinar, voice, and chat and continue the interaction across all the channel or in their preferred way of communication.

Omnichannel is an integrated interface and that means it offers a lot of automation, smooth interaction, and less repeated or manual work. It directly again means happy customers and happy agents.

The Dashboard is a consolidated source of information about the day’s work at your office as it is happening and so it is easy to manage and monitor all of the working-channels from one place.

Omnichannel Support Ticket solution offers simple but effective system for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving customer issues. The Support Ticket system helps to gather all the communication at a single point. All the agents can view the tickets and the tickets can be transferred to any specific agent. Easy personalised support and quick resolutions are made possible. Omnichannel also offers you the opportunity to provide customised support solution to handle even complex issues.

Omnichannel provides smart solutions such as Chat Bot and Questionnaires. It serves the customers as self-help to resolve support issues themselves. It increases customer satisfaction while also reducing the workload of agents and thereby the support costs.

Managing a business is a tough task, tougher is the task of managing communication. As the company develops, maintenance of communication and co-action becomes harder. And lack of communication or miscommunication between teams can lead to a dissatisfied experience for customers.

Omnichannel presents a whole new approach to your business with innovative CRM platform. It aids in presenting a wholesome picture of the customer. You can use any data from anywhere. Our CRMs provide you the freedom to build better user experience. Omnichannel offers the flexibility to easily identify your customers, understand their purchase-pattern, and segment them for more personalized experiences.

Omnichannel is an open platform designed to integrate seamlessly with all of your business applications. It helps to capture every customer interaction.

Have the settings at your command. Omnichannel gives you the freedom to change the App Settings and Chat Settings your way. Explore all the tools for a complete control over the settings and enjoy the advantages of the features with the flexibility of an open standard platform.

Omnichannel takes away all the manual tasks that agents need to do and fully automates the tasks which helps the agents to reach out to the leads and engage with more qualified prospects faster. As all types of communication and other contact methods are logged in a single platform it helps in boosting agent productivity.


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