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SMS service has established a new trend in the marketing and has turned as a significant part of multichannel marketing. The prime advantage being that the organisations need not invest heavily. It is a simple and easy way to reach the customers. Sending SMS helps the company to reach the customer instantly.

7 benefits of mConnect SMS solutions:

  • Simplified and short codes.
  • Response Data enables tracking, monitoring and improvement.
  • Seamless integration with other channels of communication.
  • Enables to maintain customer history and use that for future customer review.
  • Increased customer engagement and increased ROI.
  • Generate as much of Leads as possible.
  • Our charges are very low when compared to others in the market.

Direct and Personalised Communication

  • mConnect offers ace SMS solutions using which you can send personalized and direct messages to your customers and immediately respond to the customer’s interaction.
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Billing Solutions

Promote your Brands, Services and Products

  • Using mConnect SMS solutions you can run effective marketing and sales campaigns to increase your sales. Capture your customer’s attention by sending messages related to your brands, products or services along with multimedia files like images and videos.

Instant Resolutions for Customer Complaints

  • You can solve the issues that your customer’s rise immediately. Or atleast you can send assuring messages as when the issue will be solved. You can also procure any details if required from the customer end. This type of immediate and quick interaction will reflect a good impression on your organisation.
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Billing Solutions

Convert a potential customer into a buyer

  • mConnect SMS solutions help you to answer the enquires related to your products, solutions and services and enable increased sales. Through our SMS solutions you can urge a potential customer to place an order by sending convincing information about the products or services.

Be in touch

  • Be in regular touch with your customers by sending holiday or events related messages like a New Year greeting. Send information about discounts, and special offers exclusive to your customers.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions


  • mConnect SMS solutions are flexible and have a global reach. Our rates are open and declared to the customer. We do not implement hidden charges. You can always check-out your SMS balance before and after sending individual or bulk messages.

Uncompromised SMS Service

  • MConnect SMS solutions meet your realtime demands. They are delivered instantly and our services never get interrupted. We have a large and effective support team to solve any kind of technical issues immediately.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Multimedia Support

  • You can combine your SMS with multimedia files like voice, email, Facebook, Telegram, LINE, etc., mConnect SMS solutions.

Make Post-Purchase Sales

  • Using this solution, you can connect with the customer even after the purchase and can promote products related to the products that they have already purchased. For example, convince a customer who has bought a laptop to buy a cooling pad by sending SMS and images.
  • You can do this and much more like sending notifications, setting up appointment reminders, relaunch and abandoned sale, include a call to action, etc., with mConnect SMS Solutions.

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