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Omnichannel offers various types of inbound wallboards which are a super-success in thousands of contact centers around the world. Our clients are already benefiting from the different makes of inbound wallboards. But when it comes to businesses that depend on outgoing calls, inbound wallboards are not much popular. To fulfill the demand for outgoing wallboards, we have designed exclusive outbound wallboards that carry features which will help the entrepreneurs in setting targets to their employees and to keep a track of their performance.

Outbound wallboards are helpful for active business models where generating business itself depends on making outbound calls. The agents should be actively involved in making calls to chase new leads, convincing the potential customer, and should focus on closing deals. All this has to be done with motivation and the metrics have to be measured. Outbound wallboards come in handy exactly for this purpose as the inbound calls and handling of the inbound calls become irrelevant in this context.
The sales force is dedicated to the needs of making the calls. A contact center depends on the statistics that are displayed on the wallboard for measuring the KPI in real time. It provides instant information that employees as well as the managers can use to improve the operations of the entire organisation.

We are the best for these reasons

  • We talk through vibrant colours. Omnichannel offers colourful wallboards that help in distinguishing the different categories for easy identification of the minute metrics.
  • Clear and accurate Data
  • Integrate smoothly with any type and size of screens.
  • Customised solutions.
  • Dynamic and robust display.
  • Pocket-friendly solutions.
  • Uncompromised quality.

Outstanding features of the Outbound Wallboard

Call Offer

  • It displays the total number of outbound calls that were made by the agent. It includes the number of calls answered and the total number of calls that were abandoned.
call offer
Call Answered

Call Answered

  • In the Omnichannel Outbound Wallboard, Call Answered represents the total number of calls that the agent made and actually had interactions with the customer. As making the calls matter only when there is an interaction, the total number of calls that were answered has a significant role to play. The count of the calls answered matters as only this number keeps the business going.

Call Abandoned

  • This is the total number of calls that were made by the agents but were not answered by the customers. When the call is made but goes without being answered, it produces zero effect where the business depends on the outbound calls. This data is very useful for the manager because it provides the insight of the business operation that is going on and empowers him to form more strategies to plan for the future. If there are more number of abandoned calls for a particular period of time, then the manager has to analyse the reason for the drop in the customer service KPI indicator and has to come out with a solution.
Call Abandoned
Logged-in Status

Agent Logged-in Status

  • To make a call or to attend a call, the agent has to be in the logged-in status. The manager should be knowing how many agents have logged-in into the Queue, how many agents are actively contacting the customers and how many agents are ready to make the calls and how many are idle. This will help in making a detailed analyses in promoting the sales and launching new sales strategies.

Active Agents

  • In a call center, the agents are busily engaged either in making outbound calls or attending the inbound calls. But they also get involved with other related work such as sending emails, doing customer log, attending meeting and such non-call activities. Only when the agent is interacting with the customer, he is considered as active. When the number gets displayed in the wallboard the manager can easily identify the agents who are not actually talking business.

Idle Agents

  • The agents may be logged in into the Queue but still not be available to make calls as they may be busy with other work which are not related to making outbound calls. Such agents are called as idle agents who are available to make calls but are still not active with customer interaction.

Wrapup Agents

  • This category shows you how many agents are involved in doing their wrap-up work. Calling the customer is important and more important is to make a note of the interaction, so that the future plans can be made regarding the next move with each and every customer. So, wrapup code filling work is a must for the agents but care should be taken as to much time is not involved in this. When the number gets displayed in the wallboard it alerts the manager.
Not Ready

Not Ready Agents

  • Agents are always engaged with work but not necessarily with customer interaction. They attend meetings, go for breaks such as tea/coffee breaks, leave for lunch and dinner and also do other work in the office environment. Such agents are considered as Not Ready Agents. The agents will not be able to make calls and it is very important for the manager to know this fact.

Add Agent

  • You can add as many agents as you require with their extension number.
Add Agent


  • You can reset the wallboard at anytime you want.


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