mConnect Queue management system is a flexible and reliable product scalable for any type of business. The product avails real-time data about all the Queues. This enhances the process of assessing the call volume and Queue length. mConnect Queue management solution is completely customizable. The product seamlessly integrates with other devices and can be easily implemented. mConnect Queue management solution is bundled with unparalleled features that are configured to provide an overall view of the Queues.

Retrieve From 3CX

  • You can retrieve Queues from 3CX directly by just clicking on the Retrieve button. This saves all the trouble and the time that should be spent on again adding the same details of Queues. With just a click all the Queues get retrieved and listed on the Queue List Page.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Add Queue

  • You can add as many Queues as your business operations require. Just fill in the name of the Queue and allot a specific number to the Queue to add it. While doing this you can also assign the Queue users. From then on, the agents assigned to the Queues can start to pick up the calls that land in that Queue.

Know the Status of the Agents

  • Get to know the Agents who are logged in into the Queues and who have logged out of the Queues. The status icon shows you automatically whether the Agents are in active status or in inactive status.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Update and Delete Queues

  • Update the queues as per the requirement. You just have to update the Queue Name and Queue Number to update. If you need to delete Queues, it is as simple as tapping on the delete button against the Queue that you want to delete.

Get to know more about your Queues

  • The View feature helps the manager to easily access the information such as which agents have been assigned to a specific Queue. There is also an option of adding the Agents to the Queue right there. Just select from the list of the Agents and simply add.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Prioritize your Queues and set Queue Preferences

  • mConnect Queue management keeps you surprised with loads of advanced features. You can give priority to the Queues by just selecting that particular Queue. The manager can easily set the maximum number of calls that should be allowed into the Queue to optimize the Queue. You can also assign priority to the Queues. Configuring SLA time and Wrap-up time is also possible.
  • These advantages directly echo on the magnitude of production from the Agent’s end. It also makes the monitoring process easy for the manager.
  • mConnect offer extremely cost-effective solutions for any size of business. Contact us for more details.


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