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Sms marketing is essentially now the trend of effective marketing. According to a recent survey, 82% of people keep the notifications turned on for Sms. 93% read it within a short time period of delivery. Sms marketing is gaining strong grounds in digital marketing. While there are many mobile marketing apps available, they turn out to be expensive investments whereas SMS solutions do not break your bank while helping you to drive your message instantly and effectively. Sms allows personalized and targeted messaging.


You deliver value with mConnect Sms Templates, not simply messages

mConnect Sms templates allow you to form preplanned text messages that can be sent in great volume to reach out a wide range of audience. Sms templates carry content with the settings that you outline. The templates can be saved and can be reused any number of times by multiple users. You can use these templates to reach out to a limited, target audience or as direct individual text messages to customers.

With mConnect Sms templates, you can create the settings and choose the content which can be static and also can be reused in the body of the messages. You can use these templates to create messages; edit and update; or delete messages that you send through our channel. mConnect allows you to add any number of Sms templates to be assigned to any number of agents.

Enjoy the ease of sending messages to multiple customers simultaneously with predefined structure and content. You can also add some content while you send. mConnect Sms Template solution helps you to send customer exclusive offers; promote brands and initiate sales; run competitions and surveys; notify about upcoming sales, awards, rewards; flash discounts and company news; share tips; promote your website content; ensure order confirmations; present post-purchase guidance; remind about upcoming appointments; conduct online reviews and for many other purpose that is related to the conduct of your business.

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Deliver Right Message to the Right Group

Sms marketing is a huge marketing channel. Gone are the days where you had to rely only on emails, faxes and telephone calls for sales. Your customer may not pick up the call or read the mails or faxes you send. But an Sms drives the message instantly. Timing is everything in a business and Sms is the direct solution.

mConnect Sms solutions can help you to laser target you customer group for whatever reason you may send the message. Whether it is product sales or brand promotions, appointment reminders or asking for a feedback, Sms is your first channel of communication. This is the best way to respond to both inbound and outbound requests.

mConnect Sms solution helps in saving time as you need not call and wait for the customer to pick the call. You can also save the trouble of reaching to your customer when the phone is switched off. Send simple and short messages or launch large marketing campaigns. It all depends on your requirements.

mConnect Sms solutions are very simple and cost-effective. We provide effective and short codes and simplified responses. You can track your customer wherever he is to improve sales. Using our Sms solution you can add, edit, update and delete as many Groups as you want and assign specific agents to the various groups.

Sms helps you to deepen the customer engagement and facilitates in winning a deal faster as you can reach out to a wide range of audience instantly. Continuous messaging helps in building customer loyalty. It is a fast and effective service that enhances easy communication.

Get mConnect Sms solutions to target single and multiple users to send messages from business reminders to offer coupons.


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