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What is an online ticketing system?

Online support ticketing system is an automated management of customer complaints, queries or any other interactions from all the channels of communication that has been enabled by the organisation for customer contact. The ticketing system helps to maintain an orderly and organised compilation of the customer interactions and to work on the tickets efficiently from one place. mConnect offers support ticketing system with advanced features dedicated to be helpful for both customers and agents, that ultimately increases efficiency and production, and saves time.

We provide state-of-the-art ticketing system which is a repository for all customer requests. Agents can view and respond immediately from here and tracking and monitoring of the communications with each and every individual client also is made possible from this single point. Stacking the issues and following it till it gets closed is seamlessly carried out with the help of mConnect support ticket solutions.

The convergence of all communications, whether they are through emails, social media or through website chats, at a single place makes prioritizing the urgent cases easy. Since the tickets are organised, the easy access allows you to save time and add value by attending the urgent issues instantly.

  • schedule

    Scheduled Reporting

    Generating reports is completely automated and is just a matter of few clicks. mConnect enables the manager to easily generate reports by selecting the agent, the caller, the date from which he wants to generate the report to the date till which he desires to take the report. This also helps the process of customer review, monitoring the performance of the agents and to form the strategies for the future sales enhancement.

  • Dynamic Forms

    Dynamic Ticket Forms

    Gone are the days when the customer has to be sending reminders and follow-ups for their own complaints. mConnect offers support ticketing solution that will grab the attention of all in the team as soon as an issue lands. The tickets can be viewed by everyone, easily assigned to the concerned department and to the agents of that particular department. If an agent claims a ticket then the work-flow will be followed by him solely and the other agents can focus on the other issues. It simplifies the whole process, makes the monitoring easy and helps to avoid the confusion of who is handling what or two or three of your top agents handling the same issue wasting their valuable production time and skills.

  • support


    mConnect ticketing solution offers consistent support during the peak hours. Even if the calls overwhelm the number of agents available to take calls, ticketing software offers an insight of the high tide and the managers can use this information for up-selling, cross-selling, and hiring on-demand agents and for scheduling time. Calls can be handled based on the priority and can be routed to the appropriate help-desk.

  • inegrations


    We are popular not only for the innovative solutions and the high-quality of the products, but also for the seamless integration of our solutions. mConnect support system can be seamlessly integrated with all the communication solutions in your organisation. As our solution permits CTI integration it smoothly integrates with IVR, ACD, auto diallers, CRM and other communication systems.

  • automatic

    Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Customer interaction involves a number of repetitive tasks. Imagine the tedious task of making note of all the customer information again and again every time there is an issue; analyzing and assigning to the departments and agents manually; and getting the highlight of all the activities about query handling. mConnect support ticketing solution frees you from all and any of the manual process involved in communicating with your customers.

Support Ticket

Why your business needs a ticketing system ?

The mConnect platform uses for Customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.

Increae Efficiency

Increase efficiency with automation

It is agreed that your business is a busy place and potential customers or clients keep approaching you through various channels of communication. They call to discuss, message to get clarification, chat to find out about your products and prices, mail to get complaints resolved or approach you through all these platforms for all their requests. Right from dealing an enthusiastic customer to handling an angry customer, to tackle all your business conversations, you require an efficient ticketing system. Streamlining all the activities of the office and process of customer support service like raising ticket, tracking the progress, resolving the issues and closing the tickets can be done effortlessly with ticketing system.

Self Service

Self-service easier for customers

mConnect offers ticketing solutions where the customer can directly interact with the Agent, discuss the issue and can get the solutions immediately. The Agent can upload images and screen-shots when required for clarification. This facilitates quicker customer interaction and saves time. The rapid interaction at the apt time and the strong support lent plays a key role in the keeping the customer attached to your organisation. Customers can also use this direct-access to view the progress of their issue and the resolution without needing to call support. Customers can also register their concerns and requests via email and a wide range of social media channels, which will automatically be taken as open tickets.

Track  your Performance

Track your agent’s Performance

mConnect ticketing system captures all the customer interactions with the time and date of its landing. Be it a sms message or an email, all the interactions can captured, prioritised according to the urgency of the matter and can be routed to the appropriate departments and agents. When the agent picks it up, the manager can easily follow the work process and long it has taken for the agent to close the ticket and whether the time taken was worth the complexity of the issue.

Dashboard Capabilities

Extend your helpdesk’s capabilities

mConnect ticketing system allows you to transfer data from other programs to be included in the ticket. You can also attach various multimedia files. It also allows managing tickets that reach through mail. To enhance the clarity of the tickets, the user and the agent can attach screen shots of the problem related to the ticket.

Customer Benefits

Increase customer benefits

Support tickets are individual support cases for your customer. Every time a customer comes with a ticket, he certainly does not come for an afternoon chat. Either he is boiling in anger with a trouble, may be serious enough to have disrupted his business process and has marked a huge cut in the profit, or customer retention and loyalty, or is actually a potential customer eager to purchase your product and who may knock your competitors’ door if you do not respond appropriately or in time. So, when a customer creates a ticket it should be attended immediately and resolutions are to be provided instantly.

Multi Channel

Multi-channel communication

The digitalisation of commerce has elevated the marketing and sales channels to social media platforms and other communication channels such as phone, mails and mobile applications. The customers like to contact you through their preferred channels of communication. If you need around-the-clock support coverage then you need mConnect ticketing solution. Omnichannel assists you to mange all the messages and requests from a single platform. It provides the freedom to your customers to contact you through any channel. You can reach the customer from anywhere and at anytime using this one central tool as it consolidates tickets from various sources and integrates all the communication channels aiding the categorisation and identifying the priority so that the agents can form a working strategy.



Dynamic Dashboards

Monitor your teams easily and take better data driven decisions with Team Dashboards. Identify problems with a quick glance at your team’s performance and respond to them faster.

Support Ticket

monitor helpdesk

Monitor your help desk easily

Spot problems before they snowball using concise snapshots to track ticket lifecycles, team workload, customer satisfaction ratings and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you think a FAQ page is where readers find handy information about their needs or a place where customers go to look for answers to frequently asked questions, think again.


Support Ticket Filter

Ticket Filters

Our powerful ticket filtering system makes sure the right tickets goes to the right department leaving you with a clutter-free environment

Sort Tickets

Sort your Tickets

Sort your tickets properly and categorically. Have a complete record including the date and the time, the number of the ticket, the name of the sender, the organization and department from which it came, the status of the ticket, to whom it was assigned to and when the last message was sent. You can set your team with all the information they require and the agents can immediately get into the problem instead of spending time in collecting information.


Support Ticket Filter

Send accurate responses

When tickets are sorted out and assigned to appropriate agents, it is the duty of that particular agent to solve the issue and to send the reply. This is very helpful in a medium and large sized organisation to have an orderly operation. There will be no mess-up as to who will choose to solve the problem or many people doing the same work. Further, the issues can be dealt by the agents who have expertise in that domain.


Assign according to Agent’s skill-set

An organisation has various kind of departments and agents with varied skill set. Customer also barges in with different kinds of problems. So, it will save time and improve customer satisfaction if the ticked is assigned to appropriate Agents.

Fair distribution

Support Ticket Filter

Fair distribution

Get to know who is taking all the burden and who is trying to take the backseat. Know who has solved the complicated issues and who has dealt with issues faster. It also ensures a fair distribution of work and to analyse the skill-set and performance of the agent. If the issue is too complicated the ticket can be even shared by the agents.

Immediate Assignment

Immediate Assignment

mConnect ticketing system offers you the gateway to assign the tickets as they arise. Even the agents who have closed their previous ticket can claim tickets if they are not still assigned. mConnect ticketing solution makes it comfortable for teams to access and manage all the tickets from one single point. As the agents will be equipped with all the relevant information, the agents can start to instantly provide individual attention to the customer issue. It also enhances the workflow from the Agent’s end and makes the experience better for the customer.

Efficiency and Speed

Support Ticket Filter

Efficiency and Speed

With mConnect Omnichannel email ticketing system you can easily identify the issues and as soon as they fall in. By identifying the complaints early, and by assigning issues to the agents with relevant skill set, action is taken swiftly and customer satisfaction is ensured.


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