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Given the rich experience and expertise in providing heterogeneous solutions in a single platform, mConnect offers billing solutions that can be used for a wide range of purposes and our experts have hugely contributed to ensure the quality. We also customise solutions to fit into your business needs.

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Telcom Billing Services

Track Usage

Track Your Usage

Always keep a track on the service utilisation. You may be charged for all the calls made and the all the data that is downloaded. Also keep a track of all your rental charges. For example you may need to pay the monthly charges for your telephone even if you do not use it.

Top Up

Top Up Your Data

You can easily recharge and top-up your data. Both post-paid and pre-paid services are available. You just need to top-up and activate auto-recharge. In pre-paid services the customer has to pay in advance for using the service and do not receive any invoice. In post-paid the customer can use the service and then pay by the end of the month and the invoice will be generated by the service provider and sent to the customer.

Custom Portal

Customer Portal

Whether you are a start-up or a global service provider, we have robust billing solutions that are flexible and reliable. Our customer portal is a powerful tool that enables our customers to deploy self-care portals in multiple work-environments. The customers of your organisation will never be redirected to any other shared website while trying to pay or view their bill. We also provide customisable themes and mobile-friendly solutions. The customers can have around-the-clock information about their account. The customers can change payment methods, download reports, and make online payments. It ultimately increases over-all user experience.

Web Mail

Telkom Internet Webmail

Get a free email address when you sign up. With mConnect, you will never loose your account or data and can store all the important information related to your business. You can always be in touch with your customers. There are no special or hidden charges.

Service Management Tool

Service Management Tool

As the business environment is evolving into the digital era, the telco service providers are also providing innovative solutions to get even with the changes that are happening fast and wide in the business-houses. Mconnect has launched telecom billing solution that plays a powerful role in facilitating ground-breaking services for organisations based on their business requisites. mConnect offers telco billing systems that are flexible and scalable and can be used by businesses to monetize their telecommunication services.

Password Management

Password Management

mConnect solutions offers you the freedom to add as many users as you want. You can also set access rights to every user. With mConnect solutions, all the previous versions and password changes can be viewed for a better reference. For example, if a user forgetfully uses a previous password, he can be reminded that it is an old password and hence the access will be denied. This also prohibits the unauthorized usage. When you do not want a user to procure the access, you can easily reset the password and can deny access. You can also keep a track of all the password-changes activity at one place. Setting alerts about old passwords, weak passwords that can be easily hacked and compromised passwords is also possible.

Flexible Price Management

  • We offer flexible solutions to bill your customers with prices and payment methods to suit your business type. With mConnect billing solutions you can offer your customer the flexibility of billing in terms of individual client and the billing can be designed to be a monthly billing or for a complete year. We also customize it according to the time of billing that you desire.
Flexible Price Management
Security and Scalability

Security and Scalability

  • Whether you are a small retail store or a chain of a huge business mConnect offers billing solutions that increases your sales and profit. We offer secure solutions and our experts conduct frequent and various tests to check for breach of security. mConnect billing solutions are known for their reliability, efficiency, security and scalability.

Upgrade according to the trend

  • We keep upgrading our technology and elevate our customers also to match the trend. You can always upgrade the billing process as you desire with automated calculations and processes.
automated calculations
Manage Billing

Manage all types of billing

  • With mConnect billing solution, you can manage all kinds of billing whether it is annual, quarterly, half-yearly or monthly. Launch free trials, go for premium offers and one-off transactions with mConnect. Offer discounts, special slashes, seasonal cuts, refunds, and renewals all in a single platform. There is no need to save piles of papers or worry about saving them for future reference.

Personalised Reports

  • You can also get personlaised reports with detailed analytics on billing, collection and revenue. Our solutions are powerful and are easy to be used. We provide the best IP billing telephony software in the market for a very low price. You can select the date and time of the bill for any month of the year and can easily generate the report.
Personalised Reports
Billing Solutions

Dispute Management

  • As the process is completely automated there are no chances for any human or unknown errors which is the prime pain-point in manual billing. No human is a perfect calculator and there are umpteen number of chances that you set forth a wrong bill and end up in a dispute. Not only that you have t o fight back but also lose customer loyalty. Mistakes committed either from your end or from the customer’s end will damage only your business ultimately.

Fully Automated Billing Process

  • Save all the time and trouble of manually handling all the clients when it comes to monetary measurement. Automate the entire process through mConnect and simply focus on improving the sales and let us do all the difficult calculation without any errors.
Automated Billing Process
Accounting Process

Integrate Billing and Accounting Process

  • mConnect allows you to seamlessly integrate the billing and accounting process of your organisation with the other commerce management environment of your business. Just simplify the design and manage all integrations between billing, accounting and other cloud or on-premises systems.

Customised Billing Solution

  • We tailor make ground-breaking functions such as returns, orders, and more to fit your unique business processes and the commercial workflow.
Customised Billing Solutions

How it works

Understanding our Billing Solutions Process

Tailor Your Billing to Your Customers

  • mConnect billing solutions reduce your billing costs and allows you to create your own package. We provide accurate billing solutions that are reliable and scalable to all kinds of business however small or large they may be and with whatever data volume they deal with. Provide your customers with real time account updates. You can instantly process all the charges and can also send reminders and alerts related to the usage of the account. Also, dynamically including discounts and other ongoing promotions and other types of customer-rewards is possible. You can also instantly offer and manage innovative new offers. We will provide you with any type of billing solution such as online charging system, collection management, customer billing management, partner billing management, voucher management, and anything you put into the list.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Manage Your Milestone Billing.

  • mConnect billing solution helps you to consolidate all the financial transactions associated with your customer billing accounts as a single bill. Our solutions help you to exchange all your billing data and invoices, share revenue or cost information with partners, thereby empowering agents to maintain billing accuracy and improve customer experience by enabling the end-to-end management of disputes and adjustments. You can bill the customer on any cycle and invoices can be sent in the desired format.

Get Powerful, Automatic Revenue Recognition

  • mConnect telecom billing solutions aid in increasing your revenue by extracting unbilled revenue through automation. It helps to identify revenue leaks, and safeguards revenue streams from potential losses. The billing solution empowers you to support different lines of businesses on a single platform. This helps in maintaining accuracy and boosts better customer experience. It serves as an end-to-end solution which is secure, accurate and reliable.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Enjoy Better Insight Into Your Billing Process

  • mConnect can be implemented for any kind of solution and service providers within a single platform. You can charge for any type of individual or group of transaction and service. The mConnect telecom billing solution provides a platform to collect, categorize and save data about all the customers accurately. The basic information such as address, product, rates, licence contracts, billing cycles, offers, and other such information can be safely stored and need not be keyed-in every other time.

Fraud Management

  • mConnect billing solutions help in protecting businesses from fraud operations. Our billing solutions are built with advanced technology that covers all service and helps in minimizing fraud run time. It helps you to easily detect wholesale and retail fraud and protects your business from it. It also helps to identify uncommon bill patterning.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Introduce New Services

  • mConnect billing solutions help the customers to introduce new services into the market through deployment of various innovative services. User experience can also be improved through real time account recharging services


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