User Friendly CRM

User Friendly CRM

mConnect with its innovative and advanced features has been crowned by its customers as the best CRM solution. It is a universal solution to all your business activities and also serves customised solutions for businesses to meet their individual needs and demands. Steered by the motto of being user-friendly, mConnect CRMs address all the key hurdles involved in the successful implementation. Let us get into the broad picture of the features and advantages of mConnect CRM.

Our solutions are less cluttered and are easy to navigate through. mConnect CRMs are easily adoptable and are easy to be implemented into your business structure. The solution provides a complete means of communication to the clients and helps to manage every aspect of your business activities including sales, marketing, and improves and streamlines your total sales process. Our CRM software is supercharged with a wide-range of powerful tools to help with every step of the sales strategy so that the process could be accurate, efficient, and ultimately successful.

Track Deals

  • Manage all the sales process effectively. Tackle all the processes involved in sales right from marketing, lead generation, customer contact to purchase-contract. Include mConnect CRM in your sales journey to turn a lead into a successful customer.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Save your contacts

  • Save all the contacts that are required for successful sales and marketing campaigns. Use them for future interactions. It also enables importing data from other sources. With mConnect CRMs, it is possible to keep a track of all the customer interactions that is happening through email, phone calls, chats, and all social media interactions.

Manage your team smartly

  • mConnect CRM software enables you to manage your sales team efficiently through using all the information collected to offer in-depth insights, trouble points, analysis, pain-points, and forecasts. This again will help in being more productive.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Manage Customers

  • Take all the details about your customer wherever you go. mConnect solutions are mobile-friendly and therefore you can carry all the customer information, updates, customer history, campaign reviews, call logs and more with you. It surely helps when you work in remote.

Automate Follow-Ups

  • Automate all the follow-ups to improve the results of your business activities. You need not rip out your nerves for every sales move. The behaviour-based hints will keep you constantly informed. All the time wasted on manually completing the tasks can be utilised for more production and sales. All the important changes will be notified to everyone at the same time which will avoid a communication gap between your work-force.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions


  • Get all the data, recordings, and reviews at your finger-tips. Analyse the performance of the agent, behaviour of the customer and then form strategies to improve the whole process. Take a look at the automated reports to spot out the dip in the performance and boost up the production. Generate activity reports that help you track all the activities like emails, calls, chats, messages and faxes.

Secure and Organise Data Management

  • At mConnect, security and privacy is considered seriously. We constantly strive and never compromise in the efforts to protect the data of the customers. With our CRM, you can create hierarchies to protect your data. You can the control visibility groups and limit what users can view. Permissions and accesses can be at your choice. There is also login security and email verification features. Your account gets automatically locked if anyone tries to hack-in using a wrong password. Then you can unlock it safely.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Organise Your Deals

  • Organise all the sales data that you need, however specific they may be. You can also categorise all the sales deals that are in pipeline and then use it according to the sales cycle. You can also add details about your sales, deal-value, and the information about when the deal is to be closed. This helps in identifying which deal has to be tackled first.

Pool all your Leads

  • Garner all your leads at a single place to focus on the deals. Import through CSV files all the information about your potential leads and keep your box full with qualified leads. You can also filter, sort, edit, and update your Lead information.
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