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Business communication is constantly evolving and reaching new heights. Audio, video conference calls and screen sharing has become a day-to-day activity. This is where WebRTC technology plays a significant role. WebRTC leverages the advantage of combining real-time communication potentialities to your application using application programming interfaces (APIs). The technology supports video, voice and data that can be sent and received between organisations. It is available in all popular and prominent platforms and contemporary browsers. WebRTC is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others.

Advantages of WebRTC integrated with mConnect Omnichannel

  • Anything from basic web apps to advanced high-quality video calling applications can be used.
  • Sharing data and holding teleconferencing without requiring to install plug-ins is possible.
  • Supports audio and video-conferencing, identity management, screen sharing, and interfacing with legacy telephone systems.
  • Browser based communication is possible without downloading any software.
  • An ideal solution to support text chat and file sharing.

mConnect’s unified communication solution Omnichannel can be seamlessly integrated with WebRTC. Omnichannel integrated with WebRTC offers the customer, the gateway to have a personalised communication. It replaces traditional voice streams and easily bridges WebRTC media streams with PSTN or SIP using the latest technology.

With WebRTC integrated Omnichannel you just need to click a button to make a call. You can make a call without leaving the application. It enables the visitors of the website to initiate a chat easily even from their mobile. It will eliminate the “context gap” which means that the customer does not have to carry your contact center number in order to contact you or need not wait for a call back. The customer need not even re-explain the issue from the beginning to the agent again.


7 Reasons to choose mConnect WebRTC communication solutions

  • New, advanced, flexible and reliable.
  • Better business communication.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Efficient real time communication supported by all major browsers.
  • More effective communication and less interruptions.
  • Collaborate from wherever you are.
  • High quality products at low cost.

By choosing mConnect WebRTC communication solution you are choosing a technology which is already advanced and is continuously developed everyday for a very less price compared to our competitors in the market.


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