WhatsApp Instances

WhatsApp Instances

mConnect WhatsApp solutions provide multiple instances for the convenience of our clients. Whatever the size of your business may be, whatever may your business requirements be, we offer instances for all your specifications.

Assigning instances help you to use as many as WhatsApp numbers that your commercial operations require. The instances can be found in WhatsApp settings in App Settings of Settings menu.

The Advantages of creating WhatsApp instances

Create multiple instances

  • Any number of instances can be created.
  • The instances created can be assigned specifically to particular departments.
  • You can have any number of Agents assigned to the instances as you have assigned them to the department. So, whenever a message is received all the Agents can view the message.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Transfer messages

  • When a WhatsApp message is received, it can be viewed by all the Agents assigned to that particular department. So, any Agent can handle it.
  • But say, if an issue is very complex or requires a special skill-set or some specific demand from the customer end, then the message can be transferred to that particular Agent.

Time Management

  • Save the time involved in reducing the complexity of who is going to deal what? Channelize the messages to the Agents who are specially assigned to a specific work or possessing the necessary expertise.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Better User-experience

  • As WhatsApp messages are intended for quick enquiries, instant clarifications, or an outburst of a serious trouble, customers will expect immediate response and replies from the appropriate Agents. They will not like it when the messages are not being responded or being replied shallowly.

Create Customer Loyalty

  • So, creating instances for various departments, enabling all the Agents to view and transferring to particular Agent who are dealing with specific issues saves a lot of customer’s frustration. Immediate and appropriate responses also reflect a good impression on the organisation and helps to retain customer loyalty.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Revoke Transfer

  • What if the Agent is not a part of that department anymore or even has left the organisation? Or you may simply need to assign some other Agent to that work and do not require that particular Agent to view that message anymore. Just simply revoke the transfer. The Agent from whom the transfer was revoked will not be able to view the messages anymore. This will also save Agents from unnecessarily being crowded with messages that no more their concerns.


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