mConnect offers various solutions for business enhancement. One such innovative platform is WhatsApp messaging solutions. It can be easily integrated in your mobile. The solution offers you the advantage of attaching videos, images and voice recordings along with the messages that you send. Organisations can use mConnect WhatsApp messaging solutions for marketing, sales campaigns and various other business activities.

Support information

  • mConnect WhatsApp solutions can be seamlessly connected with your WhatsApp. You need not worry about the complexities of integration. As it is, it is simple to integrate and we also offer help document for further support. With the help of the credentials that you provide we will enable instances for your organisation. You can use this instance instead of your own WhatsApp number. We will take care of all the business verification process. We also create and provide as many instances as your business requires. So, it will be easy for you to assign separate instances for specific departments.
Support information
Send messages

Send unlimited messages

  • WhatsApp can do everything as SMS, but the difference is that there is no limit for messages. It does not cost a single dime. Take advantage of this free service and send unlimited messages to expand your business, to promote your brand and to increase sales.

Simple and Secure messaging

  • mConnect WhatsApp solution is a quick, simple, and convenient way to chat. Create any number of groups and send and receive messages to all the groups. Have private and confidential conversations, send business quotations and chat about your deals without worrying about security. mConnect WhatsApp messaging solutions offer high security to all your messages and multimedia files.
Secure messaging
Share files

Share multimedia files

  • Add pep to your messages with images and videos of your products and services. You can also send and receive business documents.

User-friendly messaging app

  • It can be easily handled by anyone. We offer short and simple codes and you need only to send the messages.
Messaging App


  • The messaging services are available in all platforms including iOS, Android and other smartphones.

Be connected

  • mConnect WhatsApp solutions enable your organisation to be in regular touch with the customer. Keep promoting brands, products and services. Send information about offers and special discounts. Create a goodwill by sharing custom greetings.

Ensure that your messages are delivered

  • Be sure whether your messages have reached your contact or not. The delivery status report is a great advantage for you to make sure that the message has really reached the customer in every sense of the word.
  • MConnect WhatsApp solutions offer a gateway to communicate without cost to your customers, wherever they are and at any time.

5 reasons to choose mConnect WhatsApp solutions

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with other channels of communication.
  • Recover and maintain customer history and use that for future customer review.
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Lead generation and nurturing.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Instant and targeted communication

  • mConnect offers ace WhatsApp solutions which makes it easy to send and receive targeted and direct messages to your potential customers. It also aids in providing instant response and thus helps in customer retention.

Brand Promotion

  • mConnect WhatsApp solutions helps in launching effective marketing and sales campaign. Send frequent messages about your product to increase your sales. Add some colour to your statements through images and videos of your products and services. Convince your potential customer to buy the product by sharing the advantages and benefits. Introduce offers, discounts and other special offerings and tempt your customers to purchase.
Brand Promotion
immediate response

Provide immediate response and instant resolutions

  • Nobody likes to be kept in waiting and especially an angry customer and that too when there is a very serious issue boiling in. It does not matter how efficient the agent is and how effectively you will solve the problem. What matter is that the customer should know that he is being listened to and his solutions are on the way. Instant updates cools the customer and an immediate response to a trade enquiry will actually convince him to buy the product if he is persuaded a little more.

Convert a potential customer into a buyer

  • Message instantly about the price of your product, the innovative features that your brand offers, the special discounts that are waiting to please your customer, and add attractive images and demo videos to convince your customer, all through mConnect WhatsApp solutions.
potential customer
valuable customer

Keep connected always with your valuable customer

  • Keep connected to your customers with frequent messages. Let it be seasonal greetings or the introduction of a new product, or a special offer. Whatever the message may be, just be in touch, after-all it is not going to cost you a dime.

Absolutely cost-free

  • Whether it is a single message sent to individual client or bulk messages. It is absolutely free with mConnect. You can send and receive messages and manage them in a single platform for no cost at all. Our solutions are safe and secure, reliable, and we have global access.
Billing Solutions

When it comes to service we never compromise

  • MConnect allows your to meet realtime demands. All the messages are delivered without failure and immediately without any disruptions. Our huge fleet of support team will intervene and get things solved if anything goes wrong technically by chance.

Promote Post-Purchase Sales

  • Using mConnect WhatsApp solution, follow your customers even after the purchase to convince them to buy related products. Show that you care. Send “thank you” messages. Reduce their post purchase anxiety by some ensuring messages like refunds, replacements, free-service, etc., Keep connected with product care tips, send some service reminders, rewards and complementary product recommendations. The implication is that keep connected to your customers to retain their loyalty and to build a long-time relationship.
Post-Purchase Sales
Billing Solutions

Get multiple WhatsApp instances

  • With mConnect you can create any number of WhatsApp instances. WhatsApp instances are WhatsApp numbers. You can create as many numbers you require to meet the demands of your business. It will be easy for you to assign particular numbers for specific departments. It will also allow you to assign any number of agents to a particular instance.

Transfer messages

  • When a message lands in, it can be assigned to the concerned department and all the agents can view it. If the issue calls in demand agents with specific skill-set, with mConnect Business WhatsApp instance, you can transfer the issue to any agent who possesses the required proficiency.
Transfer messages
Revoke Transfer

Revoke Transfer

  • Revoking the agent is possible at any time. If an issue needs to be dealt by various agents or departments, it can be revoked from one agent and be transferred to another agent.


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