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Today’s Contact Centers are under a continuous pressure to deliver unparalled service for gaining a positive user experience. The greatest challenge to any Contact Center is employing the right agents to drive in the expected efficiency. The business itself thrives only on customer satisfaction and repeated business. So, drilling down the inefficiencies of agents is a quintessential process in any Contact Center. Wrap-up time is one such instance. The agent does post call work which is actually not a proactive production. And during this time, he will not be ready to pick up other calls in the Queue. So, this passive time should be handled and monitored carefully in order to fuel more productive hours.

Wrap-up codes serve to indicate the purpose of the call or the upshot of a customer engagement. This outcome may be a closed sale, a customer issue, or any such thing. They are the quick and easy way to summarize a customer interaction. However only the broadest information can be registered as codes.

mConnect offers wrap-up codes that are accurate. They help to easily categorize calls. The Agent can select wrap-up codes from a drop-drown list which is pre-populated by call codes. The disposition codes will help to log the inbound and calls that land in such as interested, no answer, call back, DND, Fax, Voice mailer, etc., You can also add any number of codes you want to suit your requisite. The wrap-up codes can also be edited, updated and deleted. These wrap-up codes enhance logging of calls and can be referred back to in campaigns.

Benefits of mConnect Wrap-up Codes

  • Wrap-up codes serve like a compressed source of information about each and every call. It can be directly linked to a specific customer at anytime after the call. They give a quick glance information about the customer’s history.
  • You can make a small code like “complaints” or “future lead” or something like this which will help in your business. Having such read information help in clearing issues and provide a tailored service to a particular service.
  • Wrap-up codes actually benefit you from an unexpected dimension. For example, if you get too many calls wrapped up as “disconnected”, it indicates an internal technical issue.
  • Wrapup codes also offer consistency in how agents record their call types. This allows proper planning in categorizing calls and work towards making a call successful for the business.
  • The default codes can be added to your campaign. This hugely helps in sales, marketing, services and resolving issues.
  • Wrap-up codes help managers to a great extent. The manager gets to have an overview of the overall performance like the total number of sales made. It also helps in forming the strategies of improvement.
  • We do not crowd you with multiple Drop-Down Lists as it will confuse the agents from choosing the accurate reason code.
  • mConnect wrap-up codes allow you to log calls correctly and prevents distortion of data.
  • Wrap-up codes help in generating reports of a campaign process.
  • They indicate precisely why a call was finished.
  • You can use wrap-up codes to identify campaign challenges.
  • mConnect wrap-up codes product will positively impact the increase in sales and reflect directly on the expanse of your business profit margin.
  • Call us and get to know more. Feel free to ask for suggestions regarding new wrap-up codes.


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