Configuring mConnect omnichannel on your PBX Linux Server

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Make sure you perform a full backup of your PBX Server before you begin the installation.  


This document will take you through the mConnect installation steps on your PBX Linux Server. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid misconfiguration or data loss. 

Server Pre-Requisition 

PBX Server (Linux) Debian 10 

Create an mConnect account 

Go here: and register to create an account. 


  • Company name field: Avoid special characters 
  • PBX URL: No need to include https:// and port (e.g: 

Configure mConnect on your PBX server 

Configure mConnect on your 3CX server


1. Connect your PBX instance via SSH using root (example is showing PuTTY terminal) 

2. Run the following commands:  

wget && bash; 


3. Enter the PBX FQDN name you received via email (e.g: 

4. Enter the company name you received via email 

5. Once the installation is completed, login into mConnect using the login credentials you received via email. 

If you are using the mConnect dialer 


  1. Go to profile and enter your extension number and SIP username and password 

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