Unify your Communications with a true omnichannel call center solution

With mConnect’s omnichannel call center you unify all your inbound and outbound communication across all your channels to offer a seamless customer experience throughout your organization and departments.  An omnichannel call center allows you to manage all your customer interactions from a single unified and intuitive platform. 

A unified call center solution

For a seamless customer journey: Omnichannel call center


Whether your customers contact you via SMS, phone, websiteemail, or social media you can offer them a seamless customer experience with mConnect’s omnichannel call center. An all-in-one solution that enables you to manage all your interactions as a single conversation thread. 

One interface for all your communication


mConnect’s omnichannel call center is a single platform from where you can access every form of communication with your customers and colleagues. Easily switch between channels and respond to all customer requests efficiently and effectively.    

All the information you need at your fingertips


Not only does mConnect’s omnichannel call center offer a single platform for all communications channels it also integrates with your CRM. Give personalized responses to your customers and view all communications history within seconds for a truly superior customer experience. 

Increased flexibility and productivity


By saving your agents from the hassle of logging into different channels and platforms you allow them to be more productive and versatile. They are also able to handle larger contact volumes in less time and at a higher service level. 

Check performance for all channels


With real-time dashboards and advanced reporting features mConnect’s omnichannel call center allows you to check your team’s performance and activity throughout all channels from a single interface. Optimizing your agents’ productivity and customer satisfaction.