Live Chat

Multiply Conversions with Website Live Chat

With mConnect’s native website live chat feature you reply to customer chats on-the-spot or send proactive messages to your website visitors. Enhance your agents productivity by enabling them to chat with several visitors at the same time. You can also configure chatbots for automated responses and personalize the interface to be in-line with your brand. 

Chat with your teams and customers with mConnect’s omnichannel

Real-time communication on your site


Having the ability to chat with your website visitors in real-time is a sales opportunity unlike any other. Not only are they on your site, they have actively sought out to find more information about your products. You won’t get a hotter lead than that – and now is the time to convert them. 

Your customers like to chat


A recent survey found that 73% of consumers prefer website live chat to other means of communication. It’s fast, it’s easy and allows them to get the information they need when they need it. So why not give them the means to chat with you? 

100% customized website live chat


mConnect’s website live chat feature allows you to customize the appearance of the widget as it appears on your site as well as add and manage users and departments. Set different time zones and notification sounds or even restrict the widget to specific countries.  

Answer chats from the omnichannel


And the best thing about mConnect’s website live chat? You respond to live chats from your omnichannel interface. The same interface you answer your emails, calls, social media requests and support tickets from.