Get an automated billing solution with mConnect

Keep track of your service usage, top-up your data and manage users all from one unified dashboard with mConnect. mConnect allows you to automate all your billing services and processes and adapt them according to each individual customer need. 

Get an automated billing solution with mConnect

Automated and Integrated Billing

Say goodbye to manual processing and time-consuming tasks with an automated billing solution. Using mConnect’s platform you can set up your entire billing process to be automated and avoid any calculation errors. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate the billing solution with your accounting processes and manage everything from a central location.

Tailor-made for your business

Get a customized billing solution that suits your business needs, processes and commercial workflow. Create your own solution whether that’s an online charging system, collection management, customer billing management, voucher management and so on. A customized billing solution is scalable - it grows with your business and adapts to your needs.

Powerful revenue recognition

Identify revenue leaks and safeguard revenue streams from potential losses by extracting your unbilled revenue automatically. Support different lines of business from a single platform and maintain accuracy and efficiency in your billing processes. Ensure that one of the most important elements of your business is operating smoothly and securely.

Advanced fraud management

mConnect's billing solution protects businesses from potential fraud operations. Its built on advanced technology that provides it with the ability to minimize fraud run time and easily detect wholesale and retail fraud. Additionally, it identifies unusual billing patterns and alerts you accordingly, making sure that you’re always aware of what’s going on.