Know your customers with advanced CRM contact management

You gather information about your customers, leads and prospects from so many different sources that managing their data in an address book or an Excel or Google spreadsheet won’t work anymore. You need a contact management software that can store and categorize all this information and enable you to engage with your customers on a more personal level. 

Know your customers with advanced CRM contact management

CRM or Contact Management systems?

With mConnect’s omnichannel you don’t have to choose. You get the both of both worlds as mConnect includes both a CRM (customer relationship management) system as well as a contact management system. Therefore, you really do get a holistic view of your customers.

Increase Customer Engagement

By utilizing a contact management system along with your CRM you get to know every detail about your customer. You can gather data from every interaction they have with you (chat, calls, website chat, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) allowing you to profile them down to a T.

Boost conversions and sales

Stop sending out generic emails to your entire database. With contact management you personalize the communication for each customer to only send them information in regards to things they’ve already shown an interest in. The result? Better customer retention and more lead conversions.