Auto/Predictive Dialer Guide​

Table of Contents

Why use an auto dialer​

  • Less idle time​
  • Improved agent talk time​
  • More conversions​
  • Improved efficiency ​
  • Real-time monitoring​
  • No need to manually dial numbers​
  • Ensure lines’ availability ​
  • Always know who is calling​


Compatible Browsers

  • Google Chrome version 93 and above​
  • Mozilla Firefox version 95 and above​
  • Microsoft Edge version 98 and above​

Login Credentials​

  • Received via email​
  • Ensure correct input​
  • URL example:​



Notes for Admin​

During restart services, all campaigns need to be re-activated with “Call-in” to the queue number(s).​

Contact Management​​

Notes for Admin​

For any issue with the program, press CTRL+SHIFT+R to clear the cache records​

The Workflow​



Settings & Personalization​​