WeChat Integration

Integrate WeChat with mConnect’s Omnichannel

WeChat has over 1 billion active monthly users. Therefore, if your customers want to contact you via WeChat you need to be in the position to answer fast and efficiently. But how is that possible when your agents are monitoring another 6 chat platforms at the same time? Easy. Integrate WeChat with your mConnect omnichannel and manage all communications from one dashboard. 

Integrate WeChat with mConnect’s Omnichannel

Manage WeChat messages from mConnect


WeChat integration with mConnect’s omnichannel saves your agents time and boosts their performance by enabling them to answer their WeChat messages from the same interface they use to call, respond to website live chatsSMS and all other communications channels your business uses. 

Assign Chats to another agent


Wechat’s integration with mConnect’s omnichannel allows agents to transfer chats to another agent or department. This guarantees higher customer satisfaction and retention rates by ensuring that their query gets answered by the most appropriate and knowledgeable team member. 

Free WeChat integration


mConnect’s WeChat integration is included in the omnichannel solution. Additionally, you are entitled to unlimited WeChat instances – think of instances as unique numbers (DIDs). You can have a separate instance for sales, marketing, support and so on. 

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