Better Lead Conversion Ratio with mConnect’s Auto Dialer

The 5 main benefits of having an auto dialer: less idle time, improved agent talk time, more conversions, improved efficiency and real-time monitoring. With an auto dialer you eliminate the need to manually dial numbers for your agents, ensures lines are available even if your agents are busy on the phone and your agents know exactly who is calling when they answer the call. 

Dial from your browser with mConnect’s CTI Integration

Improved talk time. Less idle time.

Manual dialing results in high agent idle time as agents have to not only dial the number but also wait until they’re connected. Auto dialers recognize this and skip the call if they detect any time wasted. Hence, they result in higher talk time, less idle time and improved operational efficiency.

Auto dialer. Your route to more conversions.

mConnect's auto dialer brings agility to the outbound calling process and enables you to focus on high value leads. By displaying the contact card prior to dialling the call, agents can prepare before they’re connected and have a more personalized conversation to increase the chance of converting.

Real-time monitoring

With an auto dialer like that of mConnect, managers have access to real-time data that enables them to make decisions faster and identify problems as they occur. You get quick access to call recordings to ensure call quality levels and call center metrics can be easily tracked.