Save time and achieve faster response rates with a Chatbot

Have you noticed that many of your website live chat messages have the same content? Such as: “Where’s your pricing”, “Does this come in other colours” etc. Save your agents’ time and install mConnect’s chatbot. The bot will send out automated responses to these repetitive questions – which by no means can go unanswered. 

A smart Chatbot


What makes mConnect’s chatbot smart? You can preconfigure certain keywords and key phrases from your omnichannel interface and when the chatbot picks up on these it will send the predetermined response that you have set. 

A richer customer experience


With a chatbot you can actually offer your visitors an improved experience. Don’t think that because they’re not chatting with an agent their experience is hindered. The contrary. They get the information they want faster and more efficiently. That’s a happy customer. 

Switch to a live agent when needed


In the event that the chatbot does not know the answer or the customer is asking questions that are not preconfigured they can opt to switch to a live agent. Therefore, even if the chatbot can’t help, the customer still gets the experience you promised with a live agent.