Real-Time Customer Feedback with Agent Rating Software

Give your customers a voice with agent rating software. Allow them to give you feedback based on their experience with your contact center as soon as they finish their conversation with the agent. This will enable you to provide your agents with constructive feedback and areas of improvement or praise them when it’s a job well done. 

Real-Time Customer Feedback with Agent Rating Software

Integrated Agent Rating Software

mConnect's omnichannel solution has agent rating software integrated. This means that managers can see their customers’ feedback and service levels in real time when and how they submit their responses. There’s no need to login to a different platform to generate reports and export data – it can all be done from the omnichannel.

After-Call Customer Survey

The agent rating software requests the customer to complete a survey once their call with the agent is completed. This gives them the chance to express any satisfaction or dissatisfaction the minute they feel it – strike while the iron is hot. It’s better you hear it from them rather than on social media or an industry-specific rating site.