Customize your Contact Center Wallboard

Not all contact centers have the same SLAs, key metrics, call loads and objectives. And any one business may have various call centers with different teams and goals, i.e., sales, support, customer service etc. To assume that all contact centers should display the same wallboard data would be wrong each one needs their own customized wallboard. 

Customize your Contact Center Wallboard

Display the data that you choose

With a customized wallboard for your contact center you get to decide the data you want your team to focus on. From ticketing system data, CRM information, SLAs, KPIs; you choose what’s important for your business and what you want your agents to focus on at any given time.

Make decisions based on real-time data

With a customized wallboard in your contact center you can display the data that matters most to you. This helps make fast, accurate and real-time decisions, such as identifying the appropriate agent to take a call based on skill, how many calls are waiting and why etc.

A wallboard that shows much more than call data

Contact centers handle so much more than just calls. SMS, website live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, support tickets are all platforms that your customers use to interact with you and expect instant replies. mConnect's can display all these channels’ data for immediate action.