Auto Dialler

Auto Dialler

We deliver a wide range of contact center solutions such as Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer for Call center, Automatic Call Assignment & IVR

mConnect’s Predictive Dialler app is a scalable solution that works for all business sizes and includes reporting analytics. Since the predictive dialler works through cloud integration, so your software will be automatically updated to ensure you get real time data. In that way, you can monitor your rep behaviour and implement improvement strategies with built-in analytics and reporting.

The dialler brings together calling technology and sales enablement programs to help companies call as many leads as possible while ensuring its compliant and legal at all times.

The dialler compares potential leads list against internal whitelist data and blacklist data category before commencing with the dialling. This feature will significantly reduce downtime between calls and capture higher customer response rates.

Due to its flexible features, the dialler is able to redirect calls to the most appropriate rep with the right skillset and availability can be accomplished easily.

Auto Dialler Benefits

mConnect promises 300% improvement in call time over manual dialling and it can even be accessible by your mobile workforce from anywhere. With a combined inbound/outbound system that keeps lines available for inbound calls while your reps call out, you will never miss a warm lead or follow up. Calls can also be recorded for compliance and training.

Lead Generation

  • mConnect offers the advantage of storing all the information at a single point. You can use the customer’s details to connect with the customers faster and in an effective manner. When an inbound call lands in, the entire details about the contact who has called pops out, and so the agent gets to know what exactly he has to do and how should he convince the potential customer to purchase a product. mConnect also promotes lead nurturing. When a new customer contacts you, only the extension number will be exhibited and so it is evident to the agent that he is a new customer and he can save the contact number with the contact’s complete details for future conversations. With autodiallers agents can avoid cold calling and generate leads based on a specific criterion. They can develop a strong presence, earn strong trust and build a relationship until they make a purchase. As important information about the contacts are collected, you can design marketing and sales strategies. mConnect autodiallers offer the option of eliminating dead leads, that is, the leads who are not interested, and nurture sales lead.
Lead Generation
Easily measurable

Easily measurable

  • mConnect Auto diallers assist hugely in measuring the minute metrics. Managers can monitor the total number of calls, chats social media messages, internal chats and support tickets anytime through the dashboard. These accurate numbers will enable the manager to analyse the work flow, motivate the agents and form strategies for the improvement of the whole process.
  • The automated call recording clearly will reflect the agent’s performance. It will be evident as to what extreme the agent has gone to sort out the issue and what kind of skill-set he has exhibited to earn customer satisfaction.

Surveys and Feedback

  • Surveys produce a collected data from the customer about the performance of the agent and the quality of the service offered. This kind of response is very significant for a business to improve the entire operation. It has multiple purpose depending on the business. Say for example, you can assess the products that are in demand; what the customers expect from your brand; the types of complaints that are flowing in; and the opinion of the customer post-purchase. It allows you to gain insight about the calls that the agent has made from a date that you want to generate report from to the date that you want.
  • Agent rating also the Chat rating is another significant feature. The customer can be requested to assess the quality of the service offered by the agent after the customer engagement through an automatic IVR prompt. This helps greatly in motivating the agents, evaluating the performance of the agent and to frame strategies to improvise the business operation and to increase sales.
Cloud Solution

Streamline your administrative processes

  • mConnect autodiallers are now the trend. Designed to deliver better performance, enhanced productivity and high savings they guarantee round the clock availability on all the days of the year in a cloud-based platform. It includes all the features such as tracking, recording, text messaging, routing, voice mail and reporting that come as a package scalable to all kinds of businesses. It is an essential substitute for legacy diallers.
  • Autodiallers offered by mConnect fit all sizes of Call Centers. It can be easily integrated with all the devices of your office. They come with highly reliable servers and are scalable and flexible. The dialler allows you to generate and monitor reports, listen and record calls in real time and to set up IVR system.

Live Analytics

  • Get instant information through your dashboard and Wallboard. Get to know in detail via call recordings. Discover what is happening in realtime. Information is wealth and this perfectly suits Call Centers. Your dashboard is your eyeopener. The admin or the manager will be provided a second-to-second information about the total number of calls, messages, chats and tickets that are falling in. The wallboards offer all the information right from the total number of calls waiting to the average percentage of abandoned calls; the number of Agents who have logged out of the Queue to the number of calls that have been answered. The managers will be able to monitor the overall performance throughout all the platforms of the office, measure the metrics, get to know the important KPIs, devise strategies instantly and motivate the agents.
Live Analytics
CRM Integration

CRM integration

  • mConnect offers great integration process with zero coding efforts. Bring together data from disparate applications at a single platform. Have a better visibility of your customers through the broad spectrum of contact list with all the information gathered up at one place. This unified list makes it easy to organise your campaigns and to provide enhanced customer service. Email integration with the CRM enables better visibility, reduces data redundancy and makes it convenient to have a quick look at the lead address. It also helps to streamline all your business activities. You can manage your customer data, conduct marketing tactics and identify sales opportunities. The live chat integration provides instant insight about the requirements of the customer or the nature of the complaints. Dashboard and wallboard integration with multiple widgets that are required for your corporate requirements. Manage all the customer conversations directly, track your emails and follow your leads, create tasks and offer support all through easy CRM integration.

mConnect Autodialler-Multipurpose Contact Center Solution

Features and Functions

  • mConnect Omnichannel offers auto dialler that will enable the agent to dial numbers that are stored in a phone list or a database automatically.
  • Make superior quality audio and video calls.
  • The dialler will enable the agent to attend the call; put the call on hold; mute the call; transfer the call and cut the call.
  • The agent can also put the customer on an automated survey after the customer engagement.
  • The contact icon will shine brightly if the Agent is logged in a Queue and it will become dim if the agent logs out of the Queue.
  • If the colour is Green, it means that the Agent is logged in the Queue and is ready to take calls
  • If the colour is Red, then it means that the Agent has logged out of the Queue and will not be available to take calls.
  • When the Agent tries to log out of the Queue, the Agent will be required to choose an aux-code to log out of the Queue. Then he has to select the Queues from which he wants to log out.
  • The Contacts icon will provide the details of the contacts.
  • The Recent icon will provide the information about the contacts that include the extension number, date, and time of the call.

Reduce the idle time of the agent

  • Telemarketing involves contacting thousands of customers everyday. This also includes regular follow- ups to promote the brand, increase the sales and to provide post-purchase care. Imagine having a long list of numbers and the agent dialling those numbers manually. While it is humanly possible, there is no second opinion to the fact that the manual process will consume most of the production time of the agent. mConnect autodiallers help to reduce the agent’s idle time to a great extent. It helps in increasing the talk time of the agent as the agent need not dial the numbers and wait until the call is connected neither does he have to listen to busy tones.
Reduce the idle time
Auto Diallers

Autodiallers to achieve competitive targets

  • The dialler enables the Call Center to convert the rate of its complex sales process. The agent need not dial manually. Time is not wasted if there is a busy tone or if the call faces an answering machine or even if the call is disconnected. Only calls that are answered are routed to the agents. This helps in saving time and dedicating the time to attend more calls.

Increase Production

  • The greatest advantage of mConnect autodialler is that it helps to increase the agent’s talk time with reduced idle time and improved call connect ratio. This enables the agent to spend more time talking to the prospects and customers. In turn, there is an increase in the productivity and customer engagement.
Increase Production
 Leads to Customers

Convert your Leads to Customers

  • Assert a quick coordination to the outbound calling process. As there is a pop-up immediately when a call lands, the agent gets to know about the customer’s complete details and this helps the agent to further continue the conversation. As all the contacts and the related information is stored, it allows the agent to be prepared for the customer engagement. This will lead to targeted and personalised conversation and thereby increase the chances of converting the leads into customers successfully.

Real-time monitoring through Dashboards

  • Auto dialler enables automatic call recordings which helps the mangers to monitor the performance of the agents. The overall view through dashboard enables the manager to make a quick decision whenever there is a dip in the production or if the calls are kept too long in waiting. The Call Center metrics can be easily tracked and measured.
Call recording

Call recording

  • You can record the inbound and outbound calls. The call recordings can be stored, archived and sent to desired location with the date and timings of the call. This helps to monitor the agent’s performance; to check the call quality; to make customer review; and to cross-check if there is a customer issue.


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