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Provide quick response to your customers

  • With the help of Omnichannel Chatbot solutions you can offer pre-planned textual inputs. Customers approach a Chat service for various reasons. It may be for frequently asked and well-expected questions like the price details, shipping enquiries, or doubts and clarifications about the working process of a product or even to talk about an issue and asking for support. When the customer gets instant replies through the Chatbot for his questions, it not only makes the customer happy but also promotes brand loyalty.
Provide Quick Response
Save time

Save time and resources

  • When you are out to sell something, you know what the regular questions would be. Chatbots are very useful in circumstances where the same questions will be repeatedly asked by almost all the customers. When you have a prepared set of questionnaire you not only save the time of your customer but also the time of your agents. Instead of answering the same questions, the agent can be involved in other active production activities.

Improve customer experience

  • Streamline the interactions between the customers and the services to enhance user experience. It will also provide the opportunity to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency. mConnect ChatBot also helps to reduce the waiting time of the customer for the response from your company.
Improve Customer
Multiple language

Multiple language

  • Languages mark a huge impact in marketing. mConnect offers ChatBots in multiple languages. This makes the virtual interaction very comfortable for the customer. When you answer the questions of the customer in their own language, it not only helps him to get a clear understanding of the clarifications but also convinces him to come back to your brand as he feels more native about it.

Switch to live Agent

  • It may happen that the customer asks a question out of the odds. Or it may be a serious complaint for which he has approached the ChatBot. At that time when your customer is waiting impatiently for a resolution or help, you cannot be asking him to approach through other means like email, instead you have to answer him straightaway. There are some occasions where the particular agents from the specific department needs to answer and this happens mostly when it involves technicalities. mConnect Omnichannel offers ChatBots that can be switched to live Agents. The value added feature enhances the user experience and results ultimately in increasing the profit and customer loyalty. The customer engagement gets smooth and easy and also increases brand value.
live Agent
Secure and Robust

Secure and Robust ChatBots

  • Businesses already have enough things to worry about and the data transfer security is a huge challenge. mConnect Omnichannel is a secure platform. The conversations of the chat will be viewed only to the those who are involved in the chat. mConnect offers secure ChatBot services that is strongly protected and meets rigorous industry-specific compliance standards. You can stop worrying about the data that you pass through your ChatBot and engage in safe and secure chat.

Lead Generation Chatbots

  • ChatBot provide you the immense opportunity of generating leads. You can boost up sales by introducing all the services and products in your ChatBot Questionnaire. Even if a visitor has come for other information, it is very likely that he would see other information and get interested. At the cue of an enquiry you can convert the potential lead into a product-purchaser with your instant replies. You can also improve relationships with your customers by providing them with a seamless experience.
Lead Generation

Unlimited ChatBots

  • Optmise your client support and promote your brand. mConnect offers multiple ChatBots so that it will be easy for you to allot ChatBots for specific departments. The customer will be able to get the required information specifically without spending much time going through all the information that he dows not want. This saves the time of the customer particularly if he is in a hurry to get the information that he requires and improves the user experience.
  • mConnect ChatBots are popular for the speed and access in real-time. The ChatBot solution is simple, reliable and cost-effective and we never compromise with quality.

Chat Reports

Use this report to see how much value you get from using LiveChat, which products have the biggest sales and which agents are the best at selling them.

Total chats

Total Chat Count

Using this report, you can learn more about the number of chats you had with your website visitors.

live chat
Customer Satisfaction

Live Chat

Clear the way to checkout for customers

Stop losing customers during checkout by guiding them as soon as difficulties arise.

Response Time

Stop losing customers during checkout by guiding them as soon as difficulties arise.

Stats on the speed of your response. The report keeps track of two metrics: the speed of your average first response in a chat and the average speed of all your responses in a conversation.

live chat
Sales tracker

Live Chat

keep Track of Your Performance

See when your agents were available for chats during a particular day. The report keeps track of agents’ statuses and shows a graphical representation of their activity.

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