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mConnect is a leading provider of enterprise-level Wallboards for your busy buzzing organisation to dramatically improve your business. We provide a wide-range of progressive wallboards which are loaded with innovative features. Our products include Wallboard, Advanced Wallboard 1, Advanced Wallboard 2, Advanced Wallboard 3, Advanced Wallboard 4 and many more. mConnect Wallboards are easily comprehensible and very effective. Any type of our wallboard can be integrated smoothly with any of your other devices such as an LCD screen or a larger display.

The simple but effective solutions are a changeover to all the incompatible traditional systems of monitoring. mConnect Wallboards are a perfect replacement to the heterogenous channel of supervision of the performance of your organisation. Our solutions are scalable to small-medium-large scale industries. The cost of our high-performing products is comparatively lower in the market and what more is that you can even decide upon an effective solution to enhance the operations of your organisation and get it tucked into your budget.

The smart technology to collect the data

  • Be updated about your Contacts. Collect and store all the information of all your Contacts. Get to know the identity of the Contact Owner, the Lead Source, the Contact’s date of birth, full name, last name, account name and the title.
  • Also store the Department information including Responsible Department and the activity. The home, office and mobile phone numbers can be gathered with the respective country code. The fax, email and the secondary email information can be collected and stored. There is also an option to opt out from email services.
  • The Assistant’s name and phone number can also be saved. Skype and Twitter IDs and the person whom he reports to and reporting also can be gathered.
  • The complete address information can be drawn together. Right from the mailing street, city, province, postal code and country to the other street, city, province, postal code and country can be dotted.
  • The entire social media information including WhatsApp number, LINE, WeChat, Telegram, LinkedIn, Viber, Facebook Url and Instagram Url can be grouped together in this solution.
  • Any information can be stored in the form of notes to be preserved for future use.Easy Aux Codes which are predefined and can be chosen from a DDL enables accurate categorization and improves customer engagement activities.
  • The information about any Contact can be edited, updated and deleted at your choice.

Why should you have Contact’s information readily with you?

Send welcome mail

  • Show that you care. Send welcomes mails to introduce new customers to the company. Personal touchpoints sent at the perfect timings increase the warmth of the relationship and provide a familiar environment to the customer.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Increase your customer contact

  • The more you engage with the customer the more the customer gets excited about your brand or product. Frequent interactions provide the opportunity to answer commonly asked questions about your business. You can also take the customer relationship further by inviting to leave a feedback. This will reaffirm the decision of the customer that they were smart enough to choose your products.

Conduct Customer Survey

  • Customer Surveys are always beneficial for a business. Surveys throw light on the service that you provide and the manner in which you provide. They are also a post-purchase vent for the customer to get back with their feedback. So, when you have your Contact list ready with you the process gets easy. The more the Contacts the more the opinions and suggestions.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Share informational content

  • Share significant business specific information. Put your brand in their frequent notice and reinforce your sales statement.

Capture your Contact’s attention through Social Media:

  • Go to exclusive platforms of communication, like the social media channels, where your potential customer is. You can engage in conversations, promote your brand and involve in direct customer interaction and engagement.
Billing Solutions
Billing Solutions

Offer live support

  • Reach out to your customer to know about their needs and show them that you care. Frequent and periodical care extended after the purchase of a product will induce a good relationship resulting in customer loyalty.
  • To serve these and more purposes saving the right information about your Contacts is very essential. Preserve information in mConnect Contact management solution for improved customer relationship.


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