LINE is one of the fastest growing messaging applications. It is much more ahead in popularity than Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat and long back business owners have started to use it as a marketing tool. You can easily integrate your business LINE account with mConnect Omnichannel and bring all your social media marketing handlings in one single platform.

Targeted Customer Engagement

  • The more you interact with your customer the more the customer gets to know about your product or brand. You can share light business content regularly. LINE offers frequent engagement opportunity, especially if you are a business centralised and focused in Asian market. However mConnect Omnichannel is a global platform and offers you the opportunity to reach out to customers outside Asia also.
Promotion Campaign

Increase Brand Exposure

  • Promote your products, services and brands through a large spectrum of marketing campaigns. Jump on to brand promoting wagon through mConnect LINE messenger service which is very native to the platform. Right from the product delivery to a business appointment reminder, you can easily send the messages across Omnichannel.

Listen to your Customer’s perspectives

  • Make a research over your customer’s view. Plan and build a strategy to win your customer. Sync your LINE messenger with Omnichannel and reach your customer at your convenience.

Go global

  • MConnect Omnichannel is available across all the countries and LINE has began to adapt to global users. The characters are changed according to the cultural norms of certain countries. Take the maximum advantage of Omnichannel’s global platform to expand your business.

Boost your profit

  • Having mConnect Omnichannel will help you boost your sales through better user experience and frequent customer contact. It encourages more purchases as it is easier to be handled by the customer.
increase sales

Process of integrating LINE Messenger with mConnect Omnichannel

The process is quite simple. You have to just provide the following details

  • LINE Account name: We recommend to provide your brand name as this name will be your LINE Business Channel name.
  • Company name.
  • Business LOGO (image).
  • Email ID.
  • Category (Brands/Products/Business/ Website/Blogs, etc).
  • Privacy Policy URL (If there is one for your company).


  • Once the business information are approved, your official LINE account will be activated.
LINE Account

LINE Account ID

  • When the integration process gets completed, your official LINE Account ID will be mailed.
  • Your customers can communicate instantly by adding you as their friend.


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