A business always requires to adapt new strategies to increase its sales and to promote its brand. And the trend of the day is digital marketing. Social media marketing involves many apps and handling them heterogenously is a huge headache. mConnect provides you the advantage of integrating Telegram and other social media paltforms in Omnichannel. You can go for free marketing campaigns without the disturbance of external advertisements. The integration process is simple and the interface is easy to use. It helps your business in passing on quick messages to the customers for a successful interaction.

Send Secure Messages

  • mConnect Omnichannel Telegram messaging solution offers complete privacy and security. You can send business messages, confidential information, business quotations, and other secret chats. It is a very reliable messaging solution for any business as the access to the messages sent will be only through the phone from which the message was sent.
Secure Messages

Save Your Storage Space

  • Launch your marketing campaigns in mConnect Omnichannel messenger. Send multiple messages at the same time. This solution does not occupy much of your storage and does not slow down your phone.

Send messages at Zero cost

  • Send individual and bulk to single and multiple users at no cost. No matter how many ever messages you send, you need not pay or subscribe.
Zero cost

Message at anytime and from anywhere

  • You need not be stuck around the office to send messages. Omnichannel provides you the freedom of sending messages through Telegram at the location and time you prefer

Make your message a future reference

  • The messages that you send through mConnect Omnichannel will remain in the chat widget until you destroy them. It particularly comes handy while dealing customer complaints, business quotations or a product enquiry or any other important information.
Chat bot

Create multiple Groups

  • You can create any number of groups to send different messages. A business has many products, services and solutions. Even if it is a single brand with an unique product, there arises a necessity of different groups atleast to categorise the customers.

Broadcast your information to large audience

  • Target multi-recipients through Omnichannel Telegram Messaging solutions. It helps individualised interaction with a wide-range of people at the same time.

Be available for your customers

  • Whether it is a product enquiry, an urgent complaint, an offer, or a discount whatever the instance is, keep informing your customers. The repeated availability reinstates the brand name in the customer’s mind and helps to plant a positive impression on your organisation.


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