Ensure Call Center call quality with supervisor mode in mConnect

Enable Supervisor Mode & Ensure Call Quality 

Whether it’s for training purposes or to ensure that your call center agents are offering the highest level of service to your customers; there are times when you, as a supervisor, need to hear what’s being said.

Maybe an agents’ numbers are going down and you want to offer them more guidance and constructive feedback or maybe you want to praise an agent for a good job done. If you’re not aware of what’s being said over the phone how can this be made possible?

Enter Supervisor Mode. With mConnect you can enable the Supervisor Mode which allows you to monitor real-time calls. It’s simple to do from within your omnichannel dashboard and enables you to ensure call quality.

To enable the supervisor mode:

  1. Login to your mConnect dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Manage -> Agents -> Edit and enable the “Has Admin Permission” toggle bar.
  3. Click “Update Agent”.

If you haven’t done so already then try mConnect for free for 7 days and see for yourself how you can transform your call center to a next-gen contact center.