mConnect & 3CX V20 compatibility

mConnect: Fully Compatible with 3CX V20 

mConnect’s omnichannel is now fully compatible with 3CX V20. With V20 being released less than 2 weeks ago, our team at mConnect has worked super hard to ensure that our users can upgrade our joint solution without any hiccups.

So, for those of you who want to upgrade to 3CX V20 you can now do so without any worries.

What’s included in 3CX V20:

  • Hardened Security – rebuilt network, dedicated isolated build environment and new EDR monitoring tools.
  • AI ready – the foundations have been laid and more AI features are to follow in future updates.
  • All new Windows Softphone deployed from the Microsoft store for more security.
  • New SIP Call Manager for improved and new call center features and functions.
  • New Admi console merged with the web client, so Admins only need one set of login credentials.
  • Granular permission with Departments – groups have been removed and replaced with departments for more flexible permissions.
  • VoIP Quality Monitoring Tool

If you need help updating your 3CX and ensuring that mConnect won’t be affected reach out to our team – we’re happy to help!