Easily manage your 3CX Call Recordings & Call Reports from mConnect's omnichannel

Manage your 3CX Call Reports and Call Recordings from mConnect

Call Centers are not only about answering calls. To remain competitive, you need to exceed your customers’ expectations and always work on improving.

The easiest way to achieve this? With call reports and call recordings.

Call Reports

Part of a call center manager’s job is to ensure that all agents are working to their full capacity and that work is distributed evenly amongst them. It’s impossible to personally make sure this is happening unless you have access to call reports. How many calls were missed, answered and for how long each agent was on the phone. With mConnect you can generate group call reports and individual ones, giving you a holistic view of the entire department.

Call Recordings

A customer contacts you complaining that one of your agents were rude to them. You ask the agent and they deny it. So now it’s the customer’s word against the agent’s. How can you verify the facts? By listening to the call recording. Call recordings are useful for training and coaching new team members as well as ensuring quality is on par with the organisation’s metrics. mConnect’s omnichannel has a call recording management feature which offers easily accessible, high-quality recordings from the dashboard.

Watch it in Action

See for yourself just how easy it is to manage your 3CX Call Reports and Call Recording from mConnect.

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