Configuring Microsoft Teams with 3CX via mConnect

Configuring Microsoft Teams with mConnect – A guide 

Integrate Microsoft Teams with 3CX using the mConnect and Mr. VoIP’s 3CX and MicrosoftTeams app. What’s more, this integration is included in the 7-Day free trial we offer allowing you to truly test it thoroughly before you commit.  

To help you get started with the Teams integration and ensure you’re setup for success we’ve put together a short guide which will take you through the easy and simple steps of configuring mConnect and Microsoft Teams. 

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Contact and Call Management 

Call and contact management integration between 3CX and Teams: 

  • Click2Call 
  • Make and receive calls 
  • Transfer calls 
  • Access call history 
  • Log-in and out of call queues 
  • View and manage contacts 
  • Forward customers to the agent survey tool 
  • Call logging and notes 

Internal and External Chat Management 

The app also offers integration for your company chat platforms: 

  • Internal chats between colleagues 
  • Website live chat with your website visitors 
  • WhatsApp integration 
  • Facebook integration