PBX Heatmap Report - which are your busiest days and times

Find out your “Busy-PBX” days with New Heatmap Report 

Sometimes you need to get information fast and without too much analysis and number crunching. This is where our new PBX heatmap report comes in to play. The new heatmap allows you to discover which days and times are your busiest based on the number of concurrent calls happening during that period. For example, in the report below, just from a quick glance, you can see that Wednesdays at 9am is the busiest period as is 9pm on Tuesday. The redder the square the busier the lines are! So, you get the information you need super-fast and super easy.
Busiest PBX days and times with heatmap report

To generate the report simply:

  1. Login to your mConnect Omnichannel
  2. Navigate to Reports -> Heatmap report
  3. Select date and click search button

The report will be generated for 7 days from the date of selection (e.g.: If you select 14-03-2023, the report will be generated up until 20-03-2023).