Create Round Robin Ticket Queues with mConnect

Create Round Robin Ticket Queues with mConnect

Most of us are aware of round-robin as an advanced call queue strategy. And if you’re not, what it does, in a nutshell, is it balances the routing of incoming calls so that each call agent gets the same number of calls from the queue. This ensures that all agents get an equal number of calls and in the case of a sales environment all agents get equal opportunities. 
Modern call centers don’t just rely on calls to interact and communicate with their customers. Customers can reach you from many platforms; social media, website live chat, emails and so on. What happens then? How can you ensure that one agent doesn’t get overworked or that all sales opportunities are distributed equally? 
Enter mConnect. With mConnect you can apply the round-robin call queue strategy for your incoming email ticketing system too. Ensuring that all agents are treated fairly and equally. 
Want to see how it works? Contact us to arrange a demo. 

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