Boost Website Conversions and Online Sales with our Smart Chatbot

Boost Website Conversions and Online Sales with our Smart Chatbot

No one can disagree that website live chat is here to stay. It’s on every website we visit (along with all those consent pop-ups) and visitors have gotten so used to it that if your website doesn’t have it, it’s considered outdated. 
Chat is a faster and easier way for your customers to get in touch with your business. It also makes it faster and easier for you to close a sale.  
What happens when you’re understaffed or someone sends you a message out of office hours? Where does that lost lead go? 


Never miss a lead. Start Using a Chatbot. 

Mconnect Omnichannel’s live chat feature comes with a chatbot which allows you to add keywords to your live chat settings along with their automated answers.  
For example, if the chatbot sees the word “price” in the message it can automatically provide the user with your price list. Or if the phrase “women’s shoes” is used within the message the chatbot will send them to the women’s shoes section of your website. 
Either way, you get the point here. By using a chatbot you will: 

  • See a boost in your website conversions  
  • See a drop in lost leads 
  • Allow agents to focus on more important issues 
  • Be available to your visitors 24/7 


How do I get it? 

Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to provide you with a free consultation and a customized solution for your business. 

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