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Knowledge is power! And the more knowledge you have the more you can sell! That said, we’ve scheduled our 3CX Q1 webinars for 2022. Click on the link to reserve your spot:

Why attend?

Once the trainings are completed you can sit the free 3CX certifications (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced). And with that knowledge in your pocket, you’ll be able to roll out many more installations, offer better support and increase your revenue!

Places are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis so make sure to book yours soon.

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Unify all communications channels with contact center software

Social. Emails. CRM. Live Chat. SMS. An all-in-one Contact Center Software Solution 

Unify all your digital platforms with mConnect’s contact center software. Having a single contact center solution that allows you to manage all your communications from one central dashboard can benefit your business in many ways: Boost agent productivity Reduce idle time Happier agents Increased customer satisfaction Easier management Less troubleshooting Smaller learning curve mConnect. Your

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Configuring Microsoft Teams with 3CX via mConnect

Configuring Microsoft Teams with mConnect – A guide 

Integrate Microsoft Teams with 3CX using the mConnect and Mr. VoIP’s 3CX and MicrosoftTeams app. What’s more, this integration is included in the 7-Day free trial we offer allowing you to truly test it thoroughly before you commit.   To help you get started with the Teams integration and ensure you’re setup for success we’ve

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Use a mConnect's predictive dialer to boost agents' performance and maximize their time

Maximize Agents’ time and boost performance with a Predictive Dialer

Utilize your agents’ time to the maximum and boost their performance by using a predictive dialer. A predictive dialer is an amazing tool that automatically dials numbers even before the agents become available; allowing your agents to reach as many leads as possible. In the case of an unanswered call the system quickly moves onto

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